Add subscribers to Mailchimp when Trello cards are moved to lists

Add subscribers to Mailchimp when Trello cards are moved to lists
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In this guide, we will look at an example of creating or changing the status of a subscriber in MailChimp, at the moment when the card in Trello got into a certain column. You can also set up similar automations with other CRM systems and Trello, the configuration will be similar.

In Trello, you must have custom fields where the email will be stored. There are no standard fields in Trello for this. The email itself must be in a separate field, putting it in the description, you will not be able to pass the data (only if there is nothing else in the description besides the email itself)

Before creating an automation, connect the apps to Albato:

Sign in to Albato account. Open the Automations tab and click the New button. Select Trello as the data source app and «Card moved from list to list» event to trigger the automation. Then specify your Trello connection, as well as Board, click the «Continue» button.

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Next, set up the receiving app.

Select «Find card by ID» as an action and specify your Trello account, as well as the Board.

This is necessary to add an additional action «Find card by ID». The fact is that initially, when moving the card to Trello, its additional fields and description do not come, to get them, you need to make an additional request. If you want to transfer data when creating a card, then you can immediately select MailChimp in «Send data to» and go to the settings of the MailChimp step. Click the «Continue» button:

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Now we proceed to filling in the automation fields. Enter the «Card ID» parameter in the «ID» field from the drop-down list on the right and click the «Continue» button:

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Adding the MailChimp step

Now add an action with MailChimp. Click on the «+» and select an Action:

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Choose MailChimp, Select «Add list member» as an action and your MailChimp connection. Select your list to enter subscribers, if it is not visible, click the «Update» button:

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Set up the required fields. Select a field to pass the parameter from Trello. There are two options in the drop-down lists: the first is the initial data about the card, and the second is the card data with custom fields. For example, in the «Email» field, pass the «Email» parameter from Trello by selecting it in the second option from the drop-down list:

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In the «Status for new subscribers» field, select the status with which you want to create new subscribers if an email is sent for the first time:

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In the «Status for existing subscribers» field, select the status to transfer subscribers to from the list if a duplicate email is found:

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You can also fill in other fields according to your needs, including custom fields in your MailChimp list:

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After filling in all the fields click the «Save» button.

Additional settings

Now, if necessary, you can configure the incoming data filter so that only the necessary cards from Trello will be included in the automation. If you have the «Card created» event, you don’t need to configure the filter — this automation will always be triggered for new cards only. If you have the «Card moved from list to list» event, then you need to configure the filter so that only cards from a certain stage will be included in the automation. This way, you can make several similar scenarios, and depending on which column the card falls into, you can record subscribers in different sheets.

Open your Trello connection settings:

Снимок экрана 2022-04-29 в 11.11.31.png

Open the «Boards» tab:

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Select the Trello column you need from the «Lists» column and copy its ID. For example, the column "To MailChimp" with ID - 626b24da2ff8503c2731603e:

Снимок экрана 2022-04-29 в 11.14.07.png

Go back to the created automation and open the incoming data filter:

Снимок экрана 2022-04-29 в 11.15.27.png

Click on the «Add a condition» button and select the «Current list ID» condition from the list. In the right field, paste the column ID you copied. In our case, it is «626b24da2ff8503c2731603e»:

Снимок экрана 2022-04-29 в 11.19.16.png

If necessary, you can also add conditions for other fields. Read more about the filter here.

After setting up the filter, click «Save».

Done! The automation is created, don’t forget to start it.

After starting the automation, all cards that fall into the selected column will automatically create or update the subscriber status in MailChimp, taking email from Trello. You can make several automations, on different Trello boards/columns, and select different subscriber lists in MailChimp.

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