Creating an AI Assistant in Trello with Albato and OpenAI

Creating an AI Assistant in Trello with Albato and OpenAI
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We're all familiar with Trello - a fantastic tool for setting, managing, and monitoring task completion. But have you ever imagined that Trello could go beyond just managing tasks and actually assist in completing them? It may sound surprising, but with the help of AI, Trello can now play a more active role in task completion.

Delegating tasks to AI has become increasingly common, opening up new possibilities. Today, we want to showcase one such possibility by demonstrating how Trello and AI integration can bring an AI assistant right into your Trello boards.

We start with a simple task: automatically generating article ideas based on concepts mentioned in a task card. This automation is triggered when a label is applied to the card.

However, this is just one example of how AI can assist you in Trello. The beauty lies in its customizable nature, where you can play around with different prompts and parameters to tailor your AI assistant to your specific needs!

So, let's explore the case in more detail:

To begin, choose the trigger New label in the card.


The second step is to add the action Find card by ID, where you need to enter the ID from the previous step.


Next, let's put OpenAI into action. Set up the model, temperature, and other parameters - this is where you can get creative. Don't forget to assign the role (assistant) and craft the message text, which serves as the prompt. We recommend using the following example: If I were to write an article about [insert variable], what are 5 topic ideas? What are 5 related subtopics?


The final step is to send the response from OpenAI as a comment on the Trello card.


And that's it! This is how the automation works in Trello:


As you can see, this is just one case showcasing the AI assistance integrated directly into your task manager. And there's always room for customization based on your specific tasks, AI parameters, and prompting.

We also have a video on our YouTube channel with step-by-step instruction on setting up the automation.