How to send new orders from e-store based on Google Sheets to Trello CRM

SpreadSimple and Trello: Transfer orders automatically
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Create a customizable CRM for your SpreadSimple website by integrating Trello Board through Albato.

Imagine you have a website created in SpreadSimple based on Google Sheets. When a customer adds items to their cart and completes the purchase by filling out a form, a Trello card is automatically created with the order details, including customer’s information.

By setting up this integration, you can easily track orders by moving the order card through the Trello CRM funnel, adding notes, changing deadlines, and assigning a manager.

SpreadSimple website

SpreadSimple is a web application that provides a fast and easy way to create websites using data from a Google Sheet. You can also manage your content in your source Google Sheet, as any changes you make there will be immediately reflected on our website.

  • Log in to your SpreadSimple account.
  • Click the New website button.
  • Paste your Google Sheet link or choose one of the templates.
  • Customize your website design.
  • Press Publish.
  • Manage your content in your Google Sheet. The Sheet becomes the CMS and after all the changes saved they will be reflected on your website after refreshing.

Spread (4).png

In this case, the most crucial aspect is to include the Buy button, which is exclusively available to Pro subscribers. This button will enable our customers to place orders directly on the website using the Order Form.

Trello based CRM

Trello is a popular online tool for managing projects and personal tasks. It can be used for various needs, including project management.

  • Create a new Board.
  • Come up with a name for your CRM.
  • Create several columns to manage orders: New, Confirmed, In Progress, Shipped, and Canceled.

This is a sample workflow, and we encourage you to create your own set of stages that fits your business process.

Trello (2).png

As soon as a customer places an order in our e-store, we want it to be added to our CRM automatically. To do this, we use Albato.

Albato automation scenario

Albato is a revolutionary no-code tool that enables you to streamline your workflow automation. With over 500 app integrations, Albato empowers you to create custom automations tailored to your business needs.

Sign in to your Albato account. Go to the Automation section and click the Create new automation button.

The first step is to set up the trigger:

  • Choose SpreadSimple
  • Choose the New order event
  • Specify you SpreadSimple connection.

You can connect your SpreadSimple account to Albato by following these instructions if you haven't already done so.

Click the Add a trigger button.

Trello (3).png

Make sure that you have set up webhook in your SpreadSimple website.

Click the Wait for webhook button. Open your SpreadSimple website and submit a form.

Spread (6).png

Albato will capture your available fields once you submit the test form.

Click the Close button.

Trello (5).png

The second step is to set up the Trello action:

  • Choose Trello.
  • Choose the Create card action.
  • Specify your connection.
  • Choose the board you need.

You can connect your Trello account to Albato by following these instructions if you haven't already done so.

Click the Add an action button.

Trello (6).png

Map the fields for SpreadSimple and Trello integration.

  • Choose the Trello list ID from the Trello drop-down list.
  • Choose the Name form the SpreadSimple drop-down list.
  • Fill in other fields according to your needs.

Click the Save button.

Trello (7).png

Now you’re all set! Click the Start button.

Trello (9).png

As soon as a customer places an order in your e-store, Albato will add it to your Trello CRM automatically.

Trello (10).png

If you have questions about setting up integrations, contact our technical support through the the live chat on our website.