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A single service for all integrations

Link CRM, analytics,
and any other systems in just 5 minutes
Link the services you use daily
Link complex systems for maximum synergy.
Let Albato simplify your daily work.
No need to do everything yourself anymore.
Make your work processes easier and faster.
Don't waste time on data aggregation.
Forget long and expensive integrations.
Albato will help you link CRM, analytics, ad management, and messengers—all by yourself, and within 5 minutes
5 minutes, and it's done!
Select the data to be sent between the services, then click Link. Your integration is set up!
90+ connected services
New integrations every month
Free 14-day trial
Transparent and fair
Pay annually and save 20% or pay for 6 months and save 10%
Сreation of bundles and connections is carried out by the client independently
16 $
в месяц
46 $
в месяц
184 $
в месяц
from $766 per month
* 1 account means you can connect only one account from Facebook, only one account from amoCRM, and only one account from any other service; that is, one account from each of the connected systems.

For example, the bundle "Facebook new lead --> Telegram send notification": Our Basic tariff allows you to connect only one Facebook ad account. All ad pages within this account will be available, but you won't be able to use several accounts at once unless you choose a different tariff.
** 1,000 transactions means you can send up to 1,000 leads per month—that is, 1,000 operations are available. Each operation can contain a set of data: name, email, phone, IP address, UTM tags, etc. The number of parameters within one operation is unlimited. It's all counted as one transaction.

For example, the bundle "Jivosite new chat --> amoCRM create contact": 1 transaction means one chat along with user details (name, email, phone, etc.) is sent from Jivosite to amoCRM to create a new contact basing on these details.