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Our purpose is to help people automate business with minimal expenses and maximum efficiency

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Make API integrations a breeze

With Albato, you don’t need developer skills and to investigate API documentation to connect your services. All you need is 30 min of your time, 1 cup of coffee, and an appropriate attitude and some positive thinking.

Using our intelligent platform, anyone can build even complex integration step by step through our constructor.

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Build and automate your own Saas ecosystem

We clearly understand that in most cases, businesses need more than simply connecting two services. That is why we have developed our platform to solve complex automation problems. Albato allows a company to build ecosystems with complex and fully automated processes.

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We are always ready to help

Even though we have developed an intuitive platform, we are happy to help our customers with any requests. We have many offices around the world, and we can speak different languages.

We have 24/7 support and a high response rate. If you have any questions, just contact us and we will help you.

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Simple and Flexible

We've done our best to make a user-friendly interface for you, so the only thing you need is your creativity. Create flexible scenarios, add new applications yourself to improve your workflows! We are always here and will help you figure it out. Feel free to contact us in case of any suggestions! We are happy to become better!

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How the interface works

We have explored many case studies within the digital market. The reality is that workflow automation is still a long, expensive and complicated process for many companies. Our purpose is to help people automate the business with minimal expenses and maximum efficiency.

1Create a bundle

2Select the origin service

3Select the destination service

4Simple as that!

Select apps and start the workflow

Create your own workflow
Specify apps and events
Connect this app...
When this happens...
With this one
Do this!
Just start and add more steps in your automation
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Didn’t find the app for you? No problem, you can add it yourself in a fast and easy way with our bespoke app builder See how it works

Use cases

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Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheets integrations
3 min. read

Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheets integrations

In this tutorial, you will learn how to send data from Facebook (Ad leads) to Google Sheets (spreadsheets). First, connect services to Albato: Connecting Facebook to Albato Connecting Google Sheets to Albato Create a bundle Second step is to create a bundle: go to My bundles page and click Create a bundle. Then set up …

Share Google Sheets data with services and apps
Google Sheets
3 min. read

Share Google Sheets data with services and apps

How to connect Google Sheets to Albato.  To send Google Sheets data correctly, you need to follow two required parameters: Fill in column A from the first row to the last.  Data transferring is available at sequential rows filling. For example, you have filled row 25, then fill in row 26. If you fill in …

Slack channel notifications for new Leads from Facebook
3 min. read

Slack channel notifications for new Leads from Facebook

Let’s look at creating a «Facebook-Slack» bundle. After it starts, when filling out the lead form, the new lead will be sent to Slack, to the selected channel. You can also set up a similar link with other services, the configuration will be similar. Before setting up a bundle, connect the services to Albato: Connecting …

How to create Pipedrive CRM contact and deal from Facebook Lead Ads
3 min. read

How to create Pipedrive CRM contact and deal from Facebook Lead Ads

In this tutorial we will create a bundle to send data from Facebook Lead Ads to Pipedrive creating Contact and Deal. Make sure Facebook and Pipedrive have already been connected to Albato. Connecting Facebook to Albato. Connecting Pipedrive to Albato. In the top menu open «My Bundles» tab and click «Create a bundle» button. Select …

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