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Albato - API automation platform for all business processes | Product Hunt
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5 minutes, and it's done!
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Who uses our platform:

Compile data into BI systems and make automated reports in Google Sheets.
Business analysts
Compile data into end-to-end reports, set up automatic transfers of delivery orders to logistics companies, and track their delivery status in CRM systems.

Online stores
Link social media, CRM, call tracking, end-to-end analytics and quizzes without extra costs or IT experts' help. Collect data into BI systems and aggregate reports for decision-making.
Set up their customers' integrations without IT experts' help.
Send social media requests to Google Sheets, CRM and analytics; set up automated reports and end-to-end analytics in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.
Marketing specialists:
Automate operations to collect and send leads to their customers' CRM systems. Set up stats on the effectiveness of advertising channels.
Advertising agencies

How it works

5 minutes, and it's done!
Click Start, and your automation is set up.

Tools for your data:

If you gather phone numbers from various lead-generating sources and would like to have them in a unified format, it can be done easily with Albato's tool Phone Number Formatting.
Phone Number Formatting
The generator lets you get a sequence of monotonically increasing numbers starting from the indicated one. With each new query, it will add one to the previous number.
Sequence Generator
Albato can perform additional checks ensuring data uniqueness before sending data to systems such as CRM, where entry uniqueness is important.
Duplicate Entry Processing
Albato has a new handy tool, a Webhook Catcher. You can use it for integrations when you need to receive questions and answers as separate fields rather than a single unit.
Webhook Catcher
People spend a lot of time filtering, grouping and processing information themselves. Read about Albato's solution to the problem.
Incoming Data Filter
Albato lets you replace data now. You can do it in any integration by adding one more step between the steps of the bundle: Albato — Sheet Data Replacement.
Table look up
Apart from just receiving and sending data, we can also do useful things during data transmission
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