Incoming data filter

Incoming data filter
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If you have already experienced immense opportunities of our service then you probably faced the need in some bundles to receive specified data and omit another.

For these reasons, Albato has Incoming Data Filter tool. This tool can be configured by default for all bundles. It allows you to set conditions to start the bundle.

How to set up the filter

Step 1

Open the Bundle builder section and click the filter button

Step 2

Set up data filter condition. Click Add a condition button and fill in the fields. Select:

  1. What to filter
  2. Type of the condition
  3. Value to search for.

Let’s consider the example.

We will set up a filter for the first step amoCRM Deal status modified. The task is to check the incoming information and select deals with a certain status.

In the first filed we select Deal status update: Status name value to check the condition.

For the second field, select Equally as the condition type.

And in the third field, we enter the name of the required status of the deal, according to which the condition will be met. In our example, we enter Successful sale status.

Click Save button. The filter is ready!

Thus, the bundle will receive the data only that meets the specified condition.

How to use

Let’s suppose we want the bundle to work every time the deals get Successful sale or Lost client statuses. In this case, we can convert the condition to a group of conditions.

Click Convert to a group of conditions button and set up an additional condition:

More flexible settings can be made by using a combination of conditions and a group of conditions.

For instance, you need to receive information only about large deals with a budget of more than 100,000 rubles.

Tо achieve this, add one more condition to the existing group. For convenience, you can collapse the first condition using the button in the upper right corner:

Set up a new condition. Select Amount value in the first field, Equal to or greater than as a condition type, and enter the amount in the third field. Switch to the AND position.

Click Save button. Ready!

Now the bundle will work only for deals with Successful sale OR Lost client statuses AND for deals amount GREATER OR EQUAL to 100,000 rubles.

Business Case using Incoming Data Filter

Case 1

Task: Every time our sales manager closes a deal for more than 100,000 rubles, we send a small souvenir to the customer. The HR department is responsible for sending the souvenir. How can we notify the head of HR about deals that meet the requirements?

Solution: We will filter the data by two parameters — deal status and deal amount. Let’s assume that the company uses amoCRM. We create the following bundle:

  1. Step: amoCRM event — Deal modified.
  2. Filter: IF (Deal modified: Amount >= RUB 100,000) AND (Deal modified: Status = Closing date).
  3. Step: action — send notification.

Case 2

Task: We are implementing end-to-end analytics. And we want to send information only about successful and unsuccessful deals to Google Analytics. How can we do it?

Solution: We will filter data by one parameter — deal status. Let’s continue to assume company uses amoCRM. We create the following bundle:

  1. Step: amoCRM event — Deal modified.
  2. Filter: IF (Deal modified: Status = Closing date) OR (Deal modified: Status = Loss reason name).
  3. Step: action — send to Google Analytics.