How to test your automation

How to test your automation
Google Sheets
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After creating your first automation, it’s time to test it. To do this, you need to perform the trigger specified in your scenario.

In our case it is to move the card in Trello. We moved the card from the "In Progress" list to the "Done" list.


Now we open Google Sheet to check the data we've received.


You can also find the result of each automation run in the automation log. Sign into your Albato account, open the Automations section and click the Log icon.



Now the automation is started. It means that every time the card in Trello is moved, Albato will start the scenario of the automation: send this information to Google Sheets and fill in the spreadsheet. Each completed action that Albato performs is called an operation.

The Automation log shows you all completed actions and actions with errors.

Google Sheets