How to set up Albato automation

How to set up Albato automation
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In this article we will show you how to create an automation. We will use the automation of Trello and Google Sheets as our example.

Let’s say that we have a to-do list in Trello and we want to store task reports with "Done" status in Google Sheets. At the same time, we need to transfer the name and assignees of the task, creation and due dates to track the efficiency.

If you are pressed for time, learn the basics of Albato automation with our video.

And to understand all the details of the process, follow this step-by-step tutorial!

Step 1. Choose your trigger app

Open the Automations section. In this tab you can manage all your automation scenarios. Click the New button.


To set up the sending app, choose:

  • From — Trello;
  • When — card moved from list to list;
  • Connection — click Add a connection and provide access to your Trello account if you haven't connected it.

Remember: connection is an integration between Albato and your account in the selected app, that allows you to share data and perform the necessary actions.


You will be prompted to name your connection. It is an optional setting, but it can help you avoid confusion if you have several accounts for the selected app. Click the Continue button.


When you connect an app, Albato asks for a general set of permissions. Albato doesn’t store data and only performs the actions on your app account that you've set up in the automation. It means that your data is secured.


In some cases, additional settings are required. In our example is necessary to choose the board in Trello you want to work with. Then click on the Continue button.


Step 2. Set up your action app

This step is to choose:

  • Where to send – Google Sheets.
  • What action to perform – new spreadsheet row
  • Connection – provide access to your Google Sheets account if you haven't connected it.


Select the sheet in the Additional Parameters and click on the Continue buton.

Then you will be prompted to set up the action fields. Specify the data you want to send to Google Sheets and the field of the spreadsheet to save it.


As we can see the left column indicates the fields of the receiving app. We need to match these fields with the data from the sending app (Trello). Click on a field and a drop-down menu will appear.


Choose the data you want to add in the fields. You can choose one or more values for each field. It can also be filled in manually, in which case data from such fields will be the same for every automation run.


After matching, click on the Continue button.

You will be prompted to set up the Duplicate Search tool. Select Do not check for duplicates, always create a record option.

You can find the tutorial on how to use this tool in Albato blog. Click the Continue button.


Set the name for your automation if needed.

The Automation is ready! You can Start it now.

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