Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheets integrations

Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheets integrations
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In this tutorial, you will learn how to send data from Facebook (Ad leads) to Google Sheets (spreadsheets). First, connect services to Albato:

Connecting Facebook to Albato

Connecting Google Sheets to Albato

Create a bundle

Second step is to create a bundle: go to My bundles page and click Create a bundle.

Then set up the service to send the data from. Select:

  • From — Facebook.
  • Event — Ad Lead.
  • Business Manager connection and an advertising account. If you have not created the connection, you can create it now.

When you fill out three fields, the system will open two additional parameters to specify Page and Form.

Select the bundle operation mode

Next step is to select the way of data sending. In this tutorial we will use real-time bundle operation mode.

Set up the service to receive data

  • Where — Google Sheets.
  • Action — New sheet row.
  • Connection — if you have not created a connection, you can create it now.
  • Select required table and sheet as an additional parameters

Set up fields

This step is to specify the fields. Each field corresponds to a column in selected Google Spreadsheet. Specify the values for these fields  from Facebook drop-down list. Use the fields that are necessary for the correct processing of leads.

We advise you to send user contacts and name, as well as Ad/campaign ID.

Now select the rule for duplicate processing. Each new lead is a unique entity, so select «always create a record».

The bundle is created, don’t forget to start it!

Example of the bundle:

Use Facebook Tool to test Ad leads sending to your  Google Spreadsheet. Please notice that Google Sheet receives test lead within ~ five minutes.

Lead Ads Testing Tool

Attention! If you have created a page with Ad lead and cannot find it in Albato even after updating the data. Please open the business integrations settings of FB «Albato» and check the required pages with lead forms.  https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools

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