Router Tool

Router Tool
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This tool will help you to set up the conditions for different scenarios in the bundle. Router has a simple scheme: «Condition A =>  start STEP A» => «Otherwise => start STEP B”.

How to use the tool

Let’s consider tool feature using an example:

We have received an order from an online store based on Insales. There are different managers to process orders. One processes orders up to 10,000 and the other — over 10,000. Router tool will help us to make a scenario to assign the orders depending on the order amount.

* This is an illustrative example. The division can be by any parameter (data coming from the trigger).

How to set up the tool

Open «My bundles» page and click «Bundle Setting» gear to open «Bundle builder» page. Then click «+» button and add «Router» tool between steps.

IMPORTANT: First specify bundle steps for tool to start work and then add the tool.

Now we set up the tool:

  • Fill in the tool name field.
  • Set up scenario conditions.
  • Select the step to implement if the condition is met.
  • Indicate the step to implement if the condition is not met.

There is a «how router works»scheme.

As a result, we will have this the bundle:

Ready! We can start the bundle with Router tool.