4 Must-Try Facebook Integrations for Marketers

Facebook Integrations for Marketers
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Working with Facebook as a marketer means gathering enormous amounts of data - from ad expenses to the timing of lead form submissions. These data hold immense potential to improve your marketing efforts. While your marketing funnels and processes may be complex, taking the first step and implementing these simple integrations can unlock a whole new world of marketing possibilities.

Lead Ad Notifier: Send Facebook Lead Ad Data to Slack Channel

With the Lead Ad Notifier integration, you can effortlessly stay updated on new leads generated through Facebook Lead Ads. Whenever a lead form is submitted, the integration automatically sends a message to a chosen public Slack channel, ensuring that your team never misses out on valuable lead information. Stay connected, collaborate effectively, and take prompt action with this integration.

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Ad Expense Tracker: Collect Facebook Ad Expenses in Airtable

When ad expenses are incurred on Facebook, this integration triggers an action in Airtable to collect and store the relevant data in a record. This automated process ensures that all ad expense information, including campaign details, costs, and dates, is efficiently captured and consolidated in Airtable (or Google Sheets depending on what you use for an analysis)

By integrating these two platforms, you can easily gain valuable insights into your ad spending, analyze your data, generate reports, and effectively manage your advertising budget.

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Audience Builder: Sync New HubSpot Contacts with Facebook Custom Audience

Integration between Hunspot and Facebook empowers you to effortlessly expand your reach and engage with your audience on Facebook. When a new contact is added to HubSpot, this integration automatically adds them to a custom audience in Facebook. Synchronize your customer data between HubSpot and Facebook, ensuring that your advertising campaigns and remarketing efforts are targeted to the right audience at the right time. Boost your marketing effectiveness with the power of audience segmentation and personalized messaging using this integration.

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Conversion Connect: Sync Calendly Invitations with Facebook Offline Conversions

When a new invitee is created in Calendly, this integration automatically triggers a corresponding offline conversion event in Facebook. This allows you to accurately track and attribute offline conversions to your Calendly appointments, giving you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing activities. With Conversion Connect, you can measure the impact of your Calendly meetings on your Facebook advertising campaigns and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

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These four integrations are just a glimpse into the potential that awaits. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to develop advanced solutions to supercharge your strategies!