Connecting Facebook to Albato

Connecting Facebook to Albato
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Connect Facebook to Albato and transfer the data from the lead forms in real-time.


In order to transfer the lead forms data correctly into the connected services, you need to connect Facebook Ads Manager with administrator permission access, get administrator permission for leads in Meta Business Manager account, as well as to link the necessary pages and grant permission, even if you created these pages with lead forms.

How to connect Facebook to Albato

Open the Apps tab in the top menu bar. Click the Add a connection button.


Select the service category or use the search bar. Pick the Facebook service.

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Click the Add a connection button and set the name for the connection. The name only affects the convenience of finding the connection in the list. You can set any name to meet your personal needs. Click the Continue button.

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Next, click the Grant Albato access button.

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Select the account to set up integration.

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This step is to specify the pages and businesses for granting access to. However, you can click the Continue button giving access to all pages.

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If all steps are correct, you will be able to use lead forms in any automation. The connection is ready!

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If the Lead forms data doesn’t upload automatically, click the Update button.


If you’ve created the lead forms page, but it is not available after updating the Albato page and the service doesn’t receive new lead forms, check the Albato Business Integrations settings in the Facebook service. Make sure there are checkboxes next to the necessary pages with lead forms.