Connecting Google Sheets to Albato

Connecting Google Sheets to Albato
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Connecting Google Sheets to Albato will allow you to transfer any data from the services you need into the spreadsheets. Example: requests, deals, contact details, etc. Albato simplifies further tasks for uploading and analyzing data.

You will need an activated Google account to connect Google Sheets to Albato.

Sing in to your Albato account, open the Connections tab in the top menu bar and click the Add a connection button.


Next, select the Google service in the left drop-down list and Google Sheets in the right one. Click the Add a connection button.

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Set the name for the connection and click the Continue button. This name is available only in your personal account, so you can set any convenient one.


Next, the Google settings window appears.

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Select your Google account to connect to Albato. Next, you see the list of necessary permits for correct and fully-featured integration with the service.

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Click the Allow button.

When the connection is created, you can find all your Google spreadsheets with the list of the attached sheets in the Spreadsheets tab.


The Google Sheets connection is ready. You can set up integration with it now (e.g., receive and add new rows in real-time).

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