Connecting RD Station to Albato

Connecting RD Station to Albato
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After connecting you will be able to download data from RD Station per event:

  • New lead conversion
  • Lead is marked as opportunity

You can also send data to RD Station by creating leads and adding attributes to them at the right time. The following actions are available:

  • Create «Chat started» event
  • Create «Chat finished» event
  • Find lead
  • Update lead
  • Create conversion event
  • Create «Mark Opportunity» event
  • Create «Mark Opportunity Won» event
  • Create «Mark Opportunity Lost» event
  • Create/update contact

As an example, you can send leads from Facebook after filling out the form and create a new conversion event in RD Station. Then, at the right time, this lead is given a marker of a won or lost event, for example, based on the movement of the transaction on the lead in CRM systems.

How to connect RD Station to Albato

Open the Apps tab in the top menu bar. Click the Add a connection button.


Select the service category or use the search bar. Pick the RD Station service.

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Click the Add a connection button and set the name for the connection. The name only affects the convenience of finding the connection in the list. You can set any name to meet your personal needs. Click the Continue button.

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Next, click the Grant Albato access button.

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Select the domain you need and click «Continuar»:

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On the window granting access to the Albato app, click «Conectar»

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If everything is done correctly, you will see the following window:

Снимок экрана 2022-04-25 в 17.02.21.png

Done! The connection is created, you can now create automations with RD Station.

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