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Work with Facebook Ad Leads even faster

Work with Facebook Ad Leads even faster
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Albato has a new feature for Facebook «Lead Ads (Webhook)». Now you can select one page to receive leads from all lead-forms at once. You don’t have to create an automation for each Ad anymore. Leads will be sent within 10 seconds.

Of course, you can still select one Ad, and the automation will work only with it, but you will receive leads in real time. To use this feature correctly, first create and start an automation, then make changes in the «Facebook Business Manager» settings. 

Before creating an automation, connect Facebook to Albato.

Create an automation to receive Facebook leads

Creating a scenario, select «Leads Ads (webhook)» as a trigger, specify the page and form for automation. You can also select «All page forms» — in this case, the automation will receive leads from all lead forms on the page:Next step is to set up the «New Lead» event for the service where we send the data, for example Bitrix24. Further settings remain as before. Ready! Create a an auotmation for each page. Don’t forget to start the automation before setting up Facebook.

How to set up Facebook Business Manager

After starting the automation, open the «Business Manager» account or follow the direct link.

Open «Company Settings», then go to the side menu on the left, click the «Applications for integrations» option and open the «Lead Access» settings:

Now select the page to send the Ad leads and click the «Assign CRM» button. Do this for all pages from where you plan to send leads.

Check «Albato» box and click the «Assign» button:

Facebook setting is completed, now you can create a automation with a new event.