Sending Facebook orders to Bitrix24

Sending Facebook orders to Bitrix24
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In this tutorial you will learn how to create an automation with Facebook and Bitrix24. You will get a Contact and a Deal in Bitrix24 from Facebook Lead Ad. Before creating an automation, connect the apps to Albato.

Connecting Facebook to Albato

**Connecting Bitrix24 to Albato **

Sign in to Albato. Opent the Automations tab and click the New button.


Step 1

Fill in the fields:

  • From – Facebook;
  • Event – Ad lead;
  • Connection – created earlier;
  • Page and Form – to send the data from.

Step 2

The automation will send the data in real-time mode.


Step 5

  • Where – Bitrix24;
  • Action – New contact;
  • Connection – created earlier.


Now we fill in the fields of the Contact card in Bitrix24:

  • Name — First name parameter from Facebook Ad lead (Step 1);

  • Last name — put a dash as Facebook doesn’t have this parameter;
  • Phone number — parameter from Facebook list.

Example of completed fields:

The next step is to set up the Duplicate Search.

Select «Do not create a new record if a duplicate is found», and the value «Phone». In case of a match with the phone number, the last one will be attached as a new deal to the existing contact, instead of creating a new contact.

In addition to the contact, we will create a Deal.

To do it, click on «+»  and «Action» buttons:


Fill in the fields:

  • Where – Bitrix24;
  • Action – New deal;
  • Connection –created earlier.

Then click the «Select» button and continue to fill in the fields:

  • Name – type in «FB Deal» and add the parameter from Facebook Ad lead (Step 1);

  • Contact ID — select the Contact ID parameter from Bitrix24 (Step 2)

  • Stage and Deal category  — select from the drop-down list:

The last step is to set up duplicate deals processing. For the reason that we receive only new orders, we will create a new deal for the contact every time.

Select «Do not check for duplicates, always create a record» and click the «Save» button.

Our automation is ready, start it now!