How to send Facebook Ads expenses to Telegram

How to send Facebook Ads expenses to Telegram
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You don’t have to check your Facebook Ad account to keep track of your expenses. Albato and Telegram notifications for all campaigns will keep you in the loop.

Connect Facebook and Telegram to Albato

Connecting Facebook to Albato

Connecting Albato Telegram bot

How to set up automation

Sign in to your Albato account. Go to the Automation section and click the Create new automation button.

Example (1).png

The first step is to set up a trigger.


Triggers are events that trigger an automation. All triggers run in real time, that is, data is transferred the moment the event occurs.

  • Choose Facebook.
  • Choose the Ad expenses event.
  • Specify your Facebook connection.

FB ad ex.png

Click the Add a trigger button and move on to the next step - set up an action.

Actions are what Albato performs when your automation is running. Actions also allow you to transfer data to other apps and systems.

  • Choose Albato Telegram bot.
  • Choose the Send a message action.
  • Specify your Albato Telegram bot connection.

FB ad ex (3).png

Click the Add an action button and Map the fields.

Type in your text. For example, «Facebook expenses» and choose the value from the Facebook list.

FB ad ex (4).png

The expenses are sent in rows, so there are disabled fields. To enable them, just add the "Rows gluing" tool. Click on the "+" button.

FB ad ex (12).png

How to set up the Rows gluing tool

  • Title — you can enter any value here.
  • Range – select «All (0)» from the list
  • Delimiter — type in «+».
  • Row section element — select the «Ad expenses — Expenses (spend)» value from the list.

The example of filled fields:

FB ad ex (6).png

How to set up expenses’ calculation for all Ad campaigns

In the automation, after the Rows gluing tool, add another  – Mathematical operation tool and fill in the fields.

  • Operation — select the result of the previous step «Rows gluing» (Albato — Expenses). If you plan to receive expenses from one campaign only, add «+0» here.

FB ad ex (7).png

Save this step and go back to setting up the message text:

FB ad ex (10).png

In the text of the message, select the «Result» value of the Mathematical operation (Albato):

FB ad ex (9).png

Automation is ready. The last step is to set up a schedule.

Choose the Real-time mode in the Automation timing menu and set up the schedule.

FB ad ex (11).png

As you may see, this automation will send the data once a day at 10 am.

Click the Save button.

Your automation is ready, don’t forget to start it!