How to share data with Google BigQuery

How to share data with Google BigQuery
Google BigQuery
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In this tutorial, you will learn how to share data with Google BigQuery on a bundle-example of Google Sheets and Google BigQuery. Although you can transfer data to Google BigQuery from various systems.

Connect the service

Firstly, set up the BigQuery connection. In this case, we need only one Google connection. Select Google BigQuery from the list and click «Add a connection» button. 

Create your own connection name and click «Continue». The next step is to grant Albato access to your Google account.

If the data is not loaded for some reason, click the «Update» button or «Grant access to Albato».

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure Google BigQuery is ready to accept your data. For the bundle to work successfully, we need to add Project, Data Set, Table to Google BigQuery. Adding these elements is beyond article.

For example, look on the screenshot:

Create a bundle

Secondly, we create a bundle. Open the «My Bundles» page and click «Create a bundle».

Step 1.  Select Google Sheets to load the data from and the «New sheet row» event.  Specify your connection, the spreadsheet and the sheet to take the data.

Click «Continue» button.

Step 2.  Select BigQuery service,  «Insert Rows» action and your connection. Please notice, that three blocks highlighted on the screenshot can be filled with data only if they are set up and connected correctly in BigQuery. If you do not see your data, click the «Update» button. After updating, you will be able to select the required options.

Click «Continue» button.

Step 3. Now we need to fill in the fields. In our example, we are matching columns from Google BigQuery spreadsheet to columns from Google Sheets.

The field «Skip invalid rows» has two values: Yes (1) and No (0). This setting affect the readability of the data.

The highlighted in red fields Albato takes from the BigQuery spreadsheet settings, so the user’s task is to match them with the data from his Google Sheets.

Then click «Continue» and you will get the following result:

The bundle is ready! You can start it now.

Now you know how to send information to a scalable and flexible database using the bundle-example of Google Sheets + Google BigQuery.

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