Connecting PayPal to Albato

Connecting PayPal to Albato
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PayPal is a faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

PayPal integration options

Available actions and triggers:

  • Sale completed
  • Sale status changed from "pending" to "refused"
  • Sale status changed to "pending"
  • The seller returned the sale
  • PayPal cancelled the sale
  • Payment capture completed
  • Payment capture prohibited

How to connect PayPal to Albato

In the Albato top menu select the Apps tab and click the Add a connection button. Find the service in the list or use the search bar.

Paypal 1.png

Set the name for your connection, enter your PayPal Client_id in the Login field and PayPal Secret in the Password field. How to get these values is described below. Click the Continue button.

Paypal 2.png

Sign up to PayPal Developer to get your Client_id and Secret value. You can access it with a verified PayPal account. Open the My apps and credentials menu, and go to the Live tab. Click the Create App button.

Paypal 3.png

Set the name for your connection.

Paypal 4.png

The parameters you need will be on the next page.

Paypal 5.png

Copy and paste these parameters in the Albato setting fields. The connection is ready. You can find it in the list on the Connections tab.

How to create an automation

Let’s imagine you need to integrate PayPal and Google Sheets. Open the Automation tab and click the New button.


The first step is to set up the sending app. Select:

  • from - PayPal
  • event - Sale completed
  • connection

Paypal 7. png.png

The next step is to set up the receiving app. Select:

  • where - Google sheets
  • action - new sheet row
  • connection

Paypal 8.png

This step is to specify in which Google sheet column Albato will transfer the PayPal data. Click the Continue button.

Paypal 9.png

In the Automation builder tab, you can add steps to the scenario or change its name.

The automation is ready. Click the Start button to run it. When an event happens in PayPal, the trigger will start the scenario and the data will be transferred to the Google spreadsheet.

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