How to connect HubSpot to Albato

How to connect HubSpot to Albato
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HubSpot is a customer communication service that allows you to manage your customer base, automate marketing and sales. Integration with HubSpot allows you to set up two-way data exchange: create new contacts, find and edit existing contacts, transfer information from HubSpot to other systems and update the data automatically.

Available triggers:

  • New contact
  • Contact changed

Available actions:

  • New contact
  • Find contact

How to add a connection

Open the Connections tab, click the Add a connection button.


Find the service in the search bar.

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Set the name for the connection.

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Click the Grant access button.

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In the authorization window select your account.

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Ready! Open the created connection. In the Connections tab you can change the name of the connection and refresh access.

How to create a bundle with HubSpot

Let's suppose you need to create a bundle of HubSpot and YouTrack.

Open the My bundles tab and click the New button.

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The first step is to set up the origin service. Select the following values:

  • service for sending data - HubSpot;
  • event - New ticket;
  • your connection.

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The next step is to set up the destination service. Select the following values:

  • service for receiving data - YouTrack;
  • action - New issue;
  • your connection and project.

HB 7.png

Fill in the fields according to your needs.

HB 8.png

The bundle is ready!

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