How to upload Facebook Leads by date range

How to upload Facebook Leads by date range
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Before creating bundles, connect Facebook and Google Sheets to Albato:

Connecting Facebook to Albato

Connecting Google Sheets to Albato

Rules for transferring data to Google Sheets spreadsheets.

Set up where to send the data from

Go to My bundles page and click Create a bundle:

  • Where do we send the data from — Facebook. 
  • Event — Ad Lead.
  • Select Business Manager connection and an advertising account. If you have not created the connection, you can create it now.

Select the bundle operation mode

This step is to select the bundle mode — Data Migration.

Data migration mode helps:

  • Collect the data for a certain period. For example, to find out which ad campaigns were more effective: last month or two months ago.
  • Get the data that you did not collect, if the bundle had stopped for some reason. Thus, you will be able to upload the data for the period when the bundle does not work.
  • Save and transfer the data from one CRM system to another, if you decide to change it.

Select the certain period for unloading:

Set up the service to receive data

  • Where do we send the data — Google Sheets.
  • Action — New sheet row.
  • Connection — if you have not created a connection, you can create it now.
  • Select required table and sheet

The next step is to specify cells for sending the data from Facebook. You need to fill in column A — it is a required field.


Now select the rule for duplicate processing. Each new lead is a unique entity, so select «always create a record».

The bundle is created, don’t forget to start it!

Example of the bundle: