Bitrix24 integrations

Bitrix24 integrations
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Bitrix24 is a cloud CRM system featuring all necessary tools for business operations. It includes CRM, tasks, projects, a contact center, a website/online store builder, and a corporate social network.

Connecting Bitrix24 to Albato

Before connecting Bitrix24 to Albato, you must first install our app in your Bitrix24.

To do this, open the menu item «Applications»:

write «Albato» in the search box and open the found app, or in the address bar after put /marketplace/detail/albato.connector/ :

Installed application:

Now you can go back to the Albato account and create a connection. Open the Connections tab, click the Add a connection button and pick the Bitrix24 service. :


Fill in the connection fields:

Name - set up the mane according to your own personal needs.

Domain - copy it from the address bar in the browser with Bitrix24 page.

Phone format - choose the phone number format when transferring it into Bitrix24.

Skip the Application ID and the Application key fields if you use the Albato service. These fields are necessary when you add your Albato app in Bitrix24 instead of usual Albato service. This is an alternative connection method, described at the end of the instruction.


After filling in the fields, a request will appear to provide Albato access to your Bitrix24 account.


Granting access, you will complete the connection and be able to use it the integration scenarios.