Top No-сode Website Builders of 2024: Find Your Ideal Platform

Top 7 no-сode Website Builders of 2024 Reviewed
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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. However, not everyone has the technical expertise or budget to hire professional developers. This is where no-code website builders come into play. These powerful tools allow users to create fully functional, visually appealing websites without writing a single line of code.

As we step into 2024, the no-code movement continues to gain momentum, offering more advanced features and greater flexibility than ever before. From drag-and-drop interfaces to AI-driven design assistants, no-code website builders have become indispensable for anyone looking to establish or enhance their online footprint quickly and efficiently.

This guide will introduce you to the top 7 no-code website builders in 2024, each chosen for their unique strengths, user-friendly interfaces, and the ability to cater to various needs—from simple personal blogs to complex e-commerce sites. Whether you are a novice embarking on your first web project or an experienced designer seeking robust customization options, these platforms offer the tools and capabilities to bring your vision to life.

The best no-code website builders for 2024, suitable for different budgets and tasks


SpreadSimple earns its spot as one of the top no-code website builders in 2024 with its user-friendly interface and robust integration with Google Sheets. This direct connection allows content updates directly from Google Sheets , proving incredibly convenient for those familiar with Google's tools. It's an ideal feature for your company’s copywriters and content marketers, who can manage website content without needing to learn a new system.


Why SpreadSimple ranks among the top no-code website builders in 2024:

  • Google Sheets Integration: Effortlessly manage your content; updates in Google Sheets reflect immediately on your site.
  • Template Variety: Offers a wide array of templates to help you get started quickly.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Extensive compatibility with other applications, plus the ability to connect with over 600 applications through Albato .
  • Ease of Learning: User-friendly for those new to website building, allowing a professional-looking site to be up and running in about 30 minutes.


Those seeking deeper customization options might find the platform’s design features somewhat restricted.


SpreadSimple is competitively priced, offering a free plan and premium plans starting at $12.90 per month, making it an affordable choice for various business needs and a great value in terms of price, capability, and functionality.


Webflow secures a notable position among the best no-code website builders in 2024 due to its deep customization capabilities, built-in CMS, and hosting services. Its interface and functionalities resemble design tools like Photoshop, catering especially to those who are familiar with such environments. Webflow allows the creation of websites through visual design tools, blending no-code development with elements of light coding. This hybrid approach positions Webflow as a preferred choice for developers and designers aiming to bypass traditional coding and speed up page creation.


Why Webflow ranks among the top no-code website builders in 2024:

Webflow excels in design flexibility with its sophisticated editing tools, integrated CMS, and hosting capabilities, making it ideal for intricate design tasks.


The platform is tailored more towards those with design or development backgrounds, requiring specific skills to fully leverage its capabilities.


Webflow offers competitive pricing, with plans starting at $14 per month, making it an accessible option for professionals seeking extensive design control in a no-code website builder.


Glide stands out among the top no-code website building tools of 2024, primarily designed for creating mobile applications. Its unique integration with Google Sheets as a database enables users to develop mobile apps with ease, earning it high regard within the no-code community.


Why Glide ranks among the top no-code website builders in 2024:

Glide features a simple and intuitive interface, making it more accessible than many other mobile app builders.


As your project's needs grow, Glide’s design customization options may become restrictive. Furthermore, relying on Google Sheets as a database can impact speed and performance when handling large data volumes. Additionally, scaling up may introduce complexities in managing access rights, a common challenge with larger databases.


Glide offers a free plan that includes basic features. More advanced functionalities are available in paid plans, starting at $49 per month.


Softr is a prominent no-code platform for building websites and applications, akin to Glide but with distinct features that cater to specific business needs. It uniquely incorporates a direct link to Airtable, which serves as its database. This functionality makes Softr a preferred choice for companies looking to create catalogues or client portals.


Why Softr ranks among the top no-code website builders in 2024:

Ideal for businesses already using Airtable for data management, enhancing workflow integration. Softr offers a straightforward user interface, a plethora of universal templates, and an extensive list of integrations with popular applications like Stripe and Slack.


Similar to Glide, using Airtable as a database in Softr can lead to performance issues as data volume increases. Users have noted a scarcity of documentation and tutorials, which can hinder the learning process.


Softr provides a free plan, allowing new users to familiarize themselves with the platform before committing. Paid plans start at $49 per month, offering more advanced features and capabilities.


Carrd secures a notable place among the best no-code website builders of 2024, specifically excelling in creating landing pages, one-page sites, and portfolios. Unlike other platforms in our roundup, Carrd particularly appeals to individuals or very small businesses, making it an ideal choice for personal projects.


Why Carrd Ranks Among the Top No-Code Website Builders in 2024:

Carrd is highly accessible, with an emphasis on simplicity and speed optimization. Users report that websites on Carrd perform well, even on slower internet connections, making it highly efficient. Offers significant value, particularly for those needing straightforward, single-page websites.


As Carrd focuses on single-page layouts, it lacks certain features found in more comprehensive platforms, such as e-commerce capabilities or blogging tools.


Carrd is competitively priced to be affordable, featuring a free plan for basic use. Regular plans begin at $19 per year, offering more extensive functionalities at a low cost.


Unbounce earns its place among the best no-code website builders of 2024 through its exceptional conversion optimization tools. This platform, tailored for marketers, features AI-based tools like Smart Builder and Smart Copy, which enhance page content by leveraging analytics data from user interactions. Ideal for marketing campaigns, lead generation, and A/B testing, Unbounce supports dynamic text replacement based on search queries and offers a vast array of integrations with popular marketing tools.

Unbounce .png

Why Unbounce Ranks Among the Top No-Code Website Builders in 2024:

Unbounce is renowned for its robust tools designed to maximize marketing efficacy and improve conversion rates, making it a prime choice for marketing professionals.


Geared towards enhancing conversions and revenue, Unbounce’s pricing may be steep for small teams. While not designed for large-scale projects like online stores or comprehensive websites with blogs, it excels in creating targeted landing pages.


Unbounce’s plans start at $74 per month, with a 14-day trial available to test its features before committing.


Noloco secures its rank among the top no-code applications of 2024, particularly excelling in the creation of back-end solutions for business and organizational projects. This platform is favored for developing client portals, internal sites like HR portals or employee directories, and organizing events and broadcasts. It is ideally suited for companies seeking customized software solutions without the complexities of traditional coding. Noloco's robust features include numerous tools for workflow automation and integrations with key corporate applications such as Google Sheets, Airtable, and various product accounting systems.


Why Noloco Ranks Among the Top No-Code Website Builders in 2024:

Noloco is especially effective for websites and portals focused on internal users, providing tools that optimize operational performance.


While offering significant capabilities for customization, the potential of Noloco to craft outward-facing sales pages for commercial projects may be limited. Additionally, despite its clear interface, some features can be challenging to master.


Noloco offers competitive pricing with plans starting at $39 per month.

Key Takeaways

The selection and utilization of no-code website builders will significantly impact your business's efficiency. By adopting these tools, your team can gain independence from IT departments and swiftly launch vital commercial projects. These platforms ensure your projects are quickly accessible, visible to search engines, and market-ready, thereby enhancing business efficiency. In 2024, the diverse array of app and website building tools will undoubtedly provide a suitable solution for your specific needs and objectives.

We have highlighted just a few of the numerous options available, each tailored to different budgets and requirements. We've distilled this information into a concise handout for your convenience—consider this as a guide when selecting a platform.

Product NameTask OrientatedPrice
SpreadSimpleWebsite creation with Google SheetsStarts at $12.90 per month
WebflowDeep customization, CMS, hostingStarts at $14 per month
GlideMobile apps from Google SheetsStarts at $49 per month
SoftrBuilding web apps and portals with AirtableStarts at $49 per month
CarrdLanding pages, one-page sites, portfoliosStarts at $19 per year
UnbounceMarketing and conversion optimizationStarts at $74 per month
NolocoBack-end solutions for businessesStarts at $39 per month

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