Connecting Carrd to Albato

Connecting Carrd to Albato
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Carrd is a free service for building fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.

To automate your Carrd workflow, connect the service to Albato. To do this, open the Apps tab and click the Add a connection button.


Find Carrd in the drop-down list or use the search bar.


Next, set the name for the connection. Albato will generate a webhook required for the integration.


Copy the webhook from this field and go to your Carrd account. Click the New Site button.


Then click the New Form button.


Next click + and select the Form section.


In this section we need to:

  • select custom in the first Type drop-down list;
  • select send to URL in the second Type drop-down list;
  • enter the webhook from Albato account in the URL field;
  • select POST in the Method drop-down list.

For more information on creating a custom form, read the official Carrd documentation.


Ready! Now the connection can be used in the automation scenarios to receive all the necessary information automatically.

How to create automation with Carrd

To show how the Albato automation works, let's consider the creation of the Carrd and Telegram automation. Open the Automations section and click the New button. The first step is to set up a sending app. Select Carrd in the first column, and the Getting user from data event in the second column. Specify your Carrd account in the third column.


Next, click the Wait for webhook button and fill out the form in the test mode or wait for the client to submit the form. When the form is submitted, new custom fields will be added to the webhook within 5 minutes.

Now we set up an app where the data will be transferred. Select Telegram (private) and the Send message action.


Then we fill in the receiving app fields to transfer the data. Click on any field and select the values you want to receive in Telegram.


After matching the fields, click the Continue button.

Our automation scenario is ready!

Simple as that! You can use this integration scenario, just click the Start button.