Salesforce Slack Integration: what is it and how to use it, benefits of these products and tips

Salesforce Slack Integration: what is it and how to use it, benefits of these products and tips
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Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows businesses to improve connections with partners, suppliers, potential and existing clients. The system helps companies drive growth and cost savings through end-to-end customer tracking and incessant marketing analysis.

Slack, on the other hand, is a messaging application for businesses that links individuals to the data they need. It redefines how companies communicate by bringing the employees together to work as a single cohesive team. The messenger allows users to solve problems faster and in a more collaborative manner.

Benefits of Slack to Salesforce integration

There are many benefits of using Salesforce to Slack connection:

Easy prioritization of tasks. Employees, who use Salesforce CRM to control their customer onboarding processes, can access all their assignments in Slack. It helps them to properly prioritize the work, solve controversial issues, and stay in touch with other executors of the project.

Instant file sharing and access. The interconnection of the two services allows employees to browse through all the documents that are relevant to them in both Salesforce and Slack. Therefore, they get the opportunity to look through the necessary files without having to switch between the systems.

Improved customer experience. When using Slack to Salesforce integration, customer relation specialists can immediately respond to any issues or questions clients may have. This increases customer satisfaction and improves brand reputation.

Better coordination between departments. It is convenient to use Slack channels to manage Salesforce business processes. Every specialist, who has access to the channel, can accept tasks and reply to messages once the CRM is connected to that particular channel.

How to integrate Salesforce with Slack

1. Install the Salesforce app to Slack

It can be installed right from the Slack App Directory. Make sure you have selected the correct workspace in the switch box. unnamed-8.png The Slack App Directory

There is another option: select “Apps” in the left sidebar of the messenger and find the Slack App Directory.

2. Install the companion app to Salesforce

To do it, open the Salesforce app management page or the Salesforce AppExchange. The application can be installed from any of these two directions. Press Get it now and log in to your account.

unnamed-9.png The Salesforce AppExchange page

3. Configure Slack Setup

Having installed the two applications, you need to link your Salesforce and Slack accounts together. To do this, open the Salesforce App Launcher, find the waffle icon in the left top corner of the screen, and click the “Slack Setup” button. Follow the instructions and agree to all the permission requests made by Slack. Once you have done it, your Slack and Salesforce accounts will be successfully connected.

How to use Salesforce to Slack integration

There are different ways you can benefit from it.

Find and share Salesforce records in Slack

You can use this integration to find six different records in Salesforce and share them with other specialists without having to abandon your Slack window. These records are accounts, contacts, leads, cases, tasks, and opportunities.

Configure alerts

Using the Salesforce app, you can receive alerts whenever a record is changed or improved. To set alerts, do the following:

  1. Open the apps menu and launch Salesforce.
  2. Click on Set up my Alerts.
  3. Select the alerts you want to receive.
  4. Press “Save”.

Configure channel alerts

With Salesforce to Slack integration, users get the opportunity to configure alerts for all the channel participants when a record is changed. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open the Salesforce app and find the lightning bolt symbol beside the message box.
  2. Find Salesforce in the selection box.
  3. Select Add/edit alerts.
  4. Select the channel to post alerts.
  5. Click Add a record.
  6. Select the necessary record.
  7. Press View record and Add to + the name of the channel.
  8. Choose the types of notifications.

Configure bulk alerts

Bulk alerts are used to inform several Slack channels about certain records. It is advised to use them only when the team needs all the data. If your employees get too many notifications, they can miss important details and messages.

How to set up bulk alerts:

  1. Open the Salesforce app.
  2. Find Bulk alerts on the Home Tab.
  3. Decide on the channel to receive bulk alerts.
  4. Select the record type to be notified about.
  5. Press Add to channel and Save.

Connecting Slack and Salesforce to other services

In some cases, it can be useful to integrate these services with other solutions. For example, you can receive notifications about new leads from Facebook to your Slack channel. To do that, connect both the systems to Albato and therefore create an automation scenario, as described in our article.

Slack can also be synchronized with Mailchimp, Dropbox, Tettra, Wonder, Zapier, and other services. In case Mailchimp, for instance, you get the opportunity to receive updates in your messenger when users subscribe and unsubscribe from your lists and check the status of campaigns. This can be done through Albato, too. Read our articles “Connecting Slack to Albato” and “Connecting MailChimp to Albato”.

As for Salesforce, it can also be integrated to a few solutions, such as WordPress, Asana, Cloudingo, Outreach, Tenfold, and more. In the article “How to connect Salesforce to Albato”, there is detailed information on how to synchronize these two systems. Once you have done that then you can connect your CRM to any other solution you need through our service.

Frequent problems when integrating Slack with Salesforce

Different releases of Slack for Salesforce complicate the integration. To connect these two services, you have to install both the programs. There are several versions of the software released by the developers, so users frequently get confused and do not know which version to select for the integration.

There may be technical problems and bugs. Unfortunately, these issues sometimes result in permission difficulties, sudden errors during deployment, and data backup and recovery challenges. Technical problems cannot but affect user experience and turn integration into a complicated task.

The integration is not fully effective for Salesforce Essentials users. Salesforce Essentials users are not allowed to configure bulk alerts and get messages in Slack. But they can search for Salesforce records in the messenger and configure both personal and channel alerts.


  • Slack to Salesforce integration allows users to automate their processes and drive better results in whatever field they work.
  • Having integrated the services, you get the opportunity to send messages between the two applications, obtain instant notifications, and search and share documents in one window.
  • All this functionality will save you time and effort, allowing you to solve work issues more quickly and effectively without the necessity to switch between the two apps.