How to connect Nuvemshop to Albato

Nuvemshop: E-commerce integrations
2 min. read

Nuvemshop is a popular e-commerce platform that empowers businesses to create and manage their online stores with ease. In this article, we will guide you through the process of connecting Nuvemshop to Albato, allowing you to automate tasks and streamline your workflow.


  • Order created
  • Order paid
  • Order cancelled
  • Order updated
  • Abandoned cart


  • Create product
  • Update product
  • Find product by ID
  • Find order

To connect Nuvemshop to Albato follow these steps:

Go to the Apps section of your Albato account and click the Add a connection button. From the list of available services, select Nuvemshop, and click Add a connection once again.


Give your connection a name that represents the Nuvemshop integration and click Continue to proceed.


To grant Albato access to your Nuvemshop account, click the Grant Albato access button. In the Nuvemshop authorization pop-up window, enter your Nuvemshop login credentials.


If you have completed all the steps correctly, you will see a confirmation message indicating that the connection has been established successfully.