How Albato helped Maestra thrive in the US market

How Albato helped Maestra thrive in the US market
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I'm Leo Goldfarb, managing partner at Albato. In this interview, I had the opportunity to speak with Philipp Volnov, Director of Customer Success at Maestra in North America. We dived into how Albato integrations played an instrumental role in driving Maestra's success in the highly competitive US market.

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About Maestra

Maestra is an omnichannel customer engagement platform. It lets you manage the entire customer experience, from D2C communications to a loyalty program, website and discount personalization, and hyper-targeted ads.

About Albato

Albato is a global no-code integration and automation platform (iPaaS). Albato's embedded iPaaS helps SaaS and tech companies orchestrate their API integrations more effectively. Albato also provides dedicated customer service, tech support, and an engineering team to manage and maintain all integrations from one place.

Results of Albato-Maestra partnership in North America

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Philipp, could you provide some insights about the Maestra product, which has been successfully selling in the US market lately?

Sure. Maestra is an all-in-one marketing automation platform and CDP (customer data platform). Now, let me tell you, the US market is an absolute battleground, especially in our industry. To stand out from the competition, you must offer something unique within your product or service.

We do that through:

“White-glove” customer service. For each project, we assign a dedicated success manager who helps our clients set up the most effective workflows and customer segments in Maestra. On average, our customers run 72 workflows, which is several times greater than what our competitors offer. That leads to a big increase in ROI and revenue.

Albato’s no-code integrations. We use them to quickly connect our customers’ Shopify stores and other tools to Maestra. These integrations underpin the majority of the workflows used by our customers.

What types of clients are you targeting in North America?

Mainly, midsize/large e-comm and retail companies, online shops, and offline stores, including marketplaces, and mobile apps.

Earlier, you mentioned that Albato’s integrations were instrumental in Maestra's success. Could you elaborate on this? Which Albato integrations does Maestra currently use?

There are many, but I could group them into three main use cases:

  1. E-comm integrations. Albato delivered Maestra a deep integration with Shopify. It moves real-time data on orders, customers, website and cart events, and many more. This allows Maestra to instantly trigger automated email campaigns, ads, SMSes, mobile pushes, and website personalization (abandoned cart reminders, for example), which, in turn, helps Maestra clients boost their ROI with hyper-targeted customer communications and workflows.

  2. Integrations with ad platforms to move data bi-directionally between Maestra, Facebook, and Google Ads. Through Albato’s integrations, our clients can move customer data from Maestra to Facebook and Google, where it’s further used to create custom audiences and run look-alike campaigns.

  3. Integration with HubSpot to sync customer profiles between CRM and Maestra. Our client’s salespeople use this integration to trigger automated communications with their customers whenever deal statuses change.

Image 3-Diagram.png Diagram showing how Albato integrations play a part in the Maestra product across all projects

What role have Albato integrations played in helping Maestra with acquiring new customers in the US market?

Most clients in the US run their online stores either on Shopify or WooCommerce, so having integrations with these platforms is our table stakes for competing in this market. In the other markets, where Maestra doesn’t have an Albato integration with Shopify, it would take us around two weeks to set up and configure an integration for a new client. With our Shopify integration running on Albato, it takes just an hour, as we use their no-code interface and one-click templates to replicate the integrations for every new customer.

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Here’s a recent story about, a sunglasses manufacturer and our current client. When we initially approached Reks, they were already using another marketing automation software. We showed them that switching to Maestra would let Reks use 30 workflows — twice the number they had with their previous provider. Out of these 30 workflows, 28 were built over Albato's integration with Shopify, while the other two relied on Albato's integrations with ad platforms.

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Another customer story is Unidragon, a puzzle manufacturer with worldwide distribution and 240,000 customers. They reached a 195% ROI by connecting Maestra to their Shopify stores over the course of 92 days. Their workflows (also backed by Albato’s integrations) included personalized offers for new customers, abandoned cart campaigns, and a dozen others.

Here’s a couple more remarkable facts:

No Maestra developers have ever been involved in setting up the integrations. We do everything through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. There, we have all automation logs, analytics and insights, etc.

• Thanks to Albato's integrations, Maestra landed 7 new US clients, large e-comm companies, in less than six months. The sales and onboarding cycle was reduced with the help of no-code integrations and Albato’s project team, which was always on hand.

Have Albato integrations helped increase your average deal size? If so, could you assess the positive monetary impact?

Albato's integrations let these deals happen, so the impact on ADS is 100%.

Do you plan on expanding Albato’s integrations?

We expand integrations based on our customers’ requests. We delegate all the heavy lifting to Albato. They swiftly add new integrations and expand the current ones whenever we ask them to.

Could you share some insights about your day-to-day interactions with Albato? How effectively do they assist you in managing ongoing integration requests from your customers?

Albato offers us a full service that covers everything we need, from the no-code platform itself to dedicated tech support, a customer success team, and integration engineers. They're always there for us, ready to assist at a moment's notice.

Philipp Volnov, Director of Customer Success @Maestra
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