How to set up new triggers

Slack: New Triggers
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When setting up integration with Slack, 8 new triggers are now available:

  • New channel
  • New user
  • New reaction to the item
  • New mention (beta)
  • New private channel message
  • New message in the channel
  • New private message
  • New file

Due to the Slack settings, you will need to go through oAuth process again, in order to make the triggers work correctly. To do this, go to the Apps section (screenshot below).

Important: this applies to users who connected Slack by November, 2022. If your connection was created later - you don't need to do this.


There are also some triggers that need to be set up to work correctly:

  • New reaction to the element
  • New message in private channel
  • New message in a channel

To do this, add Albato bot to the channel(s) you will use. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the channel to access the settings.


Step 2. Go to the Integration tab and click the Add an App button.

2023-01-23_14-50-42 (2).png

Step 3. Find Albato and click the Add button.


Once this is done, all the triggers will work correctly.