How to use Google Lead Form Extension integrated with CRM

How to use Google Lead Form Extension integrated with CRM
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Do you use Google Ads?  Then try Google Lead Form to convert leads visitors directly from the search page. A new tool is for mobile advertisement.

How Google Lead Form works 

Computer is more convenient to follow the ad, visit website and place an order. The mobile screen is small and takes time to find the information you need. As a result, mobile traffic converted 2 times worse than traffic from a PC.

The Google Lead Form is an order form that opens directly from your ad on a smartphone search page. The client does not have to visit the website, search for your contact information and make other unnecessary searches. Consequently, the client is more likely to fill his data.

What the users do:

  • Make a search in Google, see your ad with a CTA-button (e.g., «Contact us» action );
  • Click on the button, and the lead form opens;
  • Fill in names, phone numbers and/or emails and send requests.
  • Receive a message from you with appreciation of attention to your product.

Use the «Campaigns» section in your Google Ads account to connect and set up Google Lead Form. Follow the official Google Ads instructions.

How Google Lead Form helps to increase your sales

  1. Less action — more conversion. The client gets to the order form in one click.
  2. Simple design. You need to fill in only 2-3 lines. If the user is logged in Google, his data will be automatically filled.
  3. You don’t need a mobile version of the website. Sometimes it is difficult to find contacts or an order form on the desktop version of the website from a mobile phone. Now clients don’t have to do this.
  4. Easy set up. You just connect and set up a lead form in your ad account.
  5. A variety of targeted actions, you will definitely find the right one:
    • Pricing
    • Details
    • Apply
    • Contact us
    • Sign up
    • Download
    • Subscribe
    • Get a bonus
    • Make an order
  1. Increasing loyalty. The client receives a message in which you thank him for his action. By the way, on this screen you can place a link to a website or a lead-magnet. Use another opportunity to draw customers’ attention and give them more information about your product.
  2. Conversion growth. According to some advertisers, implementing a lead form can increase conversions up to 20%.

Efficiency forecast

In autumn 2019, Google Lead Form was available in beta (not for everyone). Large-scale studies on tool efficiency haven’t been held  yet, nevertheless similar ads extensions have been working in social networks for several years: Facebook, Instagram, VK. 

We can try to predict conversion growth based on the performance of Facebook Ad campaigns. If the average conversion rate for ads in the feed is 9.21%, then with the Lead Ads extension it will grow to 33.8% (with the minimum of fields to fill). Please note that the more fields — the less conversion. A comparable result can be expected for ads placed on the Google search page.

Who will benefit?

If your company offers a complex product that depends on many factors, try lead forms in your ads. It concerns such professional fields as: construction and renovation, consulting, engineering, real estate sales, transportation and other similar services.

Use Google Lead Form to get leads from customers and to get in touch with them. Encourage users to fill in the form using lead-magnets: checklists, instructions, catalogs, guides, free webinars.

In addition, the experience of Facebook advertising shows lead forms efficiency in the following cases:

  • Gathering an audience for various events
  • Increasing the subscribers base
  • Equipment and cars test-drive

According to Google’s rules, you cannot create a lead form if your content is related to alcohol, medicine and pharmacy, politics, gambling, or adults.

How to share Google Lead Form with CRM

Please notice that Google Ads is not a CRM. The storage period is 30 days only, after the leads will be deleted. That means you need to download leads regularly.

You can download Google Ads Leads manually or automate the processes.

Manual downloading. You or your company managers will regularly log in the Ads account to download files, open them on your computer and transfer data to CRM.

The manual downloading has drawbacks:

  • Time-consuming. If you have one campaign and several leads per day, it is not difficult to transfer data manually. But in case of several campaigns and tens or even hundreds of leads, data transferring will take lots of time.
  • Errors risk. You may transfer data on the wrong row and you won’t even notice it. The error will be detected only during the call to clients. Thus, the incorrect information has to be searched and corrected.
  • Slow response — clients leave. It can take several hours from the moment the data is downloaded to the moment the sales manager sees a new lead in CRM. During this time, the client will look through other offers and may write to your competitors. If a competitor responds faster, you will lose your order.

Lead form integration with CRM. With Albato you can automate lead form and CRM, as well as set up notifications about a new client in a working messenger (e.g., Slack, Telegram, or by email). Managers will be able to respond immediately and make a warm call.

You can create a bundle between Google Lead Form extensions and CRM in just 15 minutes with our service. Albato also offer you to set up integrations with more than 100 services and apps, including email and sms-mailing services. Albato experts will help you to improve processes, recommend new apps, and automate your workflows to fit your business needs.

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