How to set up SendPulse WhatsApp chatbot

How to set up SendPulse WhatsApp chatbot
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Albato has integrated SendPulse WhatsApp chatbots.

To start using them, first create a connection to Albato.

Connecting WhatsApp to Albato

Open the «Apps» section and click the «Add a connection» button:


then select WhatsApp and click the «Add a connection» button:

next step is to fill in the fields.

Name — create your own name or use «My Account WhatsApp».

API ID and API Secret — find it in your SendPulse account. Open SendPulse account and «Account settings» tab,

then find API tab and copy the keys.

Go back to Albato connection settings and paste the values into the corresponding fields:

click the «Continue» button and the service will show bots that are set in SendPulse.


How to Сreate a WhatsApp Сhatbot tutorial

Welcome templates will also be available for you:

Did’t find new templates in the connection? When the template is created, it is being moderated (from 10 minutes to 3 days) and is not available in the templates. As soon as the status changes from «Under consideration» to «Confirmed», you can update the connection.

Available triggers:

  • New message
    • Message ID/text
    • Date and time of received message
    • Contact ID/tags/name
    • Bot URL/ID/external ID/name
    • Service
    • Webhook name

Available actions:

  • Send message
    • Contact ID
    • Message text
  • Send message by phone (available when the user was online in 24 hours and wrote messages to the bot) 
    • Phone number
    • Message text
  • Send a template message by phone
    • Phone number
  • Send a template message
    • Contact ID 
  • Create contact
    • Phone number
    • Name

Chatbots also support webhooks and API calls

How to create automations

To send a customer WhatsApp message,  first create a «New contact», then select «Send a template message by phone».

Automation-example of Tilda and WA:




Our automation is ready, you can start it.

How to send messages from chatbot funnel

In order to receive message from a certain step of your bot, copy the webhook from WhatsApp connection and paste it in the bot structure.

First, open the Albato «Apps» tab, then select WhatsApp and copy Webhook URL:


Next, go to SendPulse and select the bot. Go to bot structure and insert the webhook in the required chain.

How to chat with a client in CRM

To communicate with a client from a CRM window, for example, Bitrix24, you need to set up two automations.

Automation 1

«WhatsApp: New message» — «Bitrix24: New message in the chat».

Automation 2

Bitrix24: New chat message — WhatsApp: send message.