Bundle Start Schedule

Bundle Start Schedule
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Start Schedule is an Albato tool that allows you to set up frequency of receiving data. This setting is available for API bundles only. Such bundles have API icon in the bundle card on «My bundles» screen. To set up schedule, click the gear icon in the bundle card.

When the bundle builder page opens, click «Start Schedule» button.

Tool settings interface:

The general settings includes:

  • Time period to start the bundle
  • How often to start the bundle within the allowed time period

Let’s consider in detail the setting fields to schedule the bundle:

  • «Working hours (from)» and «Working hours (till)» — at what time within the day;
  • «With» and «To» — a range of dates. If this fields are empty, the bundle will work every day, during the hours specified above;
  • «Request frequency» — the interval between bundle starts.

Use the Advanced Settings to specify days of the week or

month to start the bundle.

A common task is a schedule to start the bundle once a day, for example, to download advertising costs. In this case, the settings should look like this:

We schedule the bundle to start once in an hour (60 minutes) and specify the time range from 00:00 to 01:00. Thus, there will be only one bundle start in this time period, due to the setting in the «Request frequency» field. The rest of the time, the bundle will be stopped by the fields «Working hours (from)» — «Working hours (till)».