ActiveCampaign integration options

ActiveCampaign integration options
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ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation service that allows you to design complex processes and grow your customer base.

Who can integrate with ActiveCampaign

It is suitable for any business to solve marketing tasks.

Integration options

Available triggers

Trigger is an event inside a sending app which starts an automation scenario.

  • Email recipient followed the link
  • Email opened
  • Email undelivered
  • New record for a contact
  • New task for a deal
  • Unsubscription
  • New deal
  • Deal changed
  • New contact
  • Contact changed

Available actions

Action is what Alabato performs in a receiving service according to your automation scenario.

  • Create a contact
  • Create/update a contact
  • Find a contact
  • Create a deal
  • New task for a deal
  • Find a deal by name
  • Find a deal by contact ID
  • Update deal by ID
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe a contact to the list

How to transfer data to ActiveCampaign

Let's imagine you need to submit leads from several Facebook lead forms to ActiveCampaign. In this case we can create an automation of Facebook and ActiveCampaign.

Connect the services to Albato, before creating an automation scenario.

How to connect Facebook.

How to connect ActiveCampaign.

Open the Automations section and click the New button.


Select the source system - Facebook, event - Lead Ads (webhook), and specify the connection. In the additional parameters, select the page and forms from which you want to send leads. Click the Continue button.


Select the Real-time operation mode to transfer leads immediately.


The next step is to select:

  • Destination app - ActiveCampaign
  • Action - Create a contact
  • Connection or create the new one


The next step is to specify the contact data you need to transfer.


Click the Continue button. The automation is ready. You can start it now.