How to fast-track client service from days to minutes with Albato Embedded

How a SaaS company can jump-start another line of business and increase customer value
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What can you do when customers constantly require new features and integrations, while your development roadmap is packed for years to come?

My name is Nik Grishin, and I am CPO at Albato. In this case study, I will give you a sneak peek at how Albato helped Mindbox launch their mission-critical integrations in 45 days, adding value to customers and ditching their old manual, time-consuming routine.

About Mindbox

Mindbox is a global customer data platform (CDP) and marketing automation tool. It automates fetching data from multiple sources and helps create customer communication workflows via emails, SMSs, pop-ups, mobile pushes, personalized promos, targeted ads, and more.

Goals and challenges

Before Albato, Mindbox customers struggled with setting up ad campaigns to re-engage with audiences on ad platforms like Facebook and Google using Mindbox data. To do that, they had to:

Albato Case study - Minbox - Challenges

In the first case, the manual work was pretty time-consuming. In the second, Mindbox support agents created settings from scratch for every new customer. The existing integrations kept breaking down, and it took time to troubleshoot.

It was as clear as day that there was an urgent need to streamline the whole process, i.e.:

  • Automatically push the audience segments from Mindbox to the ad platforms and back;
  • Configure an integration once and avoid further manual adjustments;
  • Do it all without coding or having to hire a developer.

Mindbox initially wanted to develop integrations internally, but it would require a designer, while the dev resources were blocked by other more urgent tasks. Therefore, Mindbox commenced the search for a partner to fill the integration gap.

“We were looking for a solution that would add value to our product without requiring development from scratch,” says Andrew M., Product Owner at Mindbox.


Through the no-code Embedded iPaaS, Albato helped Mindbox to develop their new section with integrations from the ground up. It enables automatic uploading of audience segments from Mindbox to Google, Facebook, and some other minor ad platforms.

Now, Mindbox customers can quickly run ad campaigns targeting people who haven’t opened an email in a while, or create look-alike campaigns in the blink of an eye.

How it works

In the Integrations section, there are three tabs: “Automations,” “Apps,” and “History.”

The “Apps” section contains user connections for Google, Facebook, and other third-party apps. Whenever a new connection appears, it is automatically added to the list.

Albato Case study - Minbox - Solutions Apps

In the “Automations” section, users can knock out new automations from scratch with literally a few clicks (and 100% no-code), or use pre-built templates.

Albato Case study - Minbox - Automations

In the “History” tab, they can see detailed logs for their integrations.

Albato Case study - Minbox - History

Now, to move a dataset, users just need to follow three simple steps:

Albato Case study - Minbox - Solutions Steps

How integrations were launched

Mindbox selected the integrations and deployed Albato’s iFrame to their platform. The Albato UI was fully white-labeled, ensuring a native and seamless experience for Mindbox customers.

Albato Case study - Minbox - Solutions Automations

Business results

Albato Case study - Minbox - Results

Currently, the project is evolving, and new integrations, including Shopify, have been made available for Mindbox customers in the US.

If you want to get more insights on this case study and achieve similar results, visit the Albato Embedded page or get in touch with our integration experts to schedule a demo session.