How to scale native integrations 3x faster while reducing dev costs by 90%

How to scale native integrations quickly and without investing in costly development
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When customers ask for more integrations with different apps, it is crucial to react fast and give them these capabilities. However, the cost of developing integrations in-house can be pretty hefty.

This case study gives a sneak peek at how Albato helped JivoChat reduce integration development costs by 90% through Embedded iPaaS.

About JivoChat

JivoChat is a global omnichannel conversational platform that businesses use to communicate with customers via messengers, social networks, or on-site chats.

Business results

Migration to Albato Embedded showed remarkable results:

Albato Case study - JivoChat - Results

Goals and challenges

In 2019, JivoChat enabled the first integrations with third-party apps for their users. The implementation was in the hands of their dev team. They started developing integrations with popular CRM platforms when, after a while, it became crystal clear that building integrations is a hard nut to crack, and here’s why:

Albato Case study - JivoChat - Challenges

Very soon, JivoChat was at the point, where putting integrations on the back burner was impossible, while developing them internally was a waste of money and resources. One dedicated dev team was needed to handle just five integrations, and that was clearly unscalable, while JivoChat had been under the pressure of booming demand for integrations.

Finally, JivoChat realized that dealing with integrations internally was not cost-effective at all, so they started looking for a partner to take it off their plate.


Albato approached JivoChat, proposing to streamline integrations using their no-code iPaaS (integration platform as a service), Albato Embedded, which would let JivoChat’s customers run integrations without leaving the JivoChat interface. At the same time, the integrations were fully white-labeled, so JivoChat’s users wouldn’t know it was Albato in the background.

Albato Case study - JivoChat - Solution

It took about 3 months to implement 25+ white-label integrations, with a fully managed authentic flow. All integrations were made available to JivoChat’s customers through intuitive, one-click templates.

70% of users migrated smoothly from JivoChat’s in-house integrations to the Albato ones within a week. The other 30% switched in the next few days with some additional guidance. Customers were extremely positive about the changes, especially the sudden increase in the number of new integrations and the faster delivery time.

A good part of JivoChat’s integrations now is running on Albato. Every integration is essentially an easy-to-use “plug & play” template that customers can start with just a few clicks. All they need to do is authenticate their accounts on third-party platforms, and then click the Start button. All integration settings (triggers, actions, data points) and field mappings are pre-built for users, making their experience a breeze.

Also, whenever customers request to make subtle changes to current integrations, it can be done in the blink of an eye. Jivochat’s team just needs to use Albato’s drag-and-drop automation builder to update field mappings and other settings for specific users.

Albato Case study - JivoChat - Automation builder

Albato Case study - JivoChat - Fields settings

Currently, Albato integrations cover the following use cases for JivoChat’s customers:

Albato Case study - JivoChat - Use cases

Next steps

The next step of the project is creating smart native integrations with JivoChat and OpenAI, as Albato has rich capabilities and expertise on the AI front. A couple of ideas are under consideration:

Albato Case study - JivoChat - Automation case1 Albato Case study - JivoChat - Automation case2

Another big step is expanding JivoChat’s integrations on the LATAM market: the ability to quickly knock out complex integrations with local e-commerce and marketing apps from the Albato integration library proved to be a game changer in winning new LATAM customers.

If you want to get more insights on this case study and achieve similar results, visit the Albato Embedded page or get in touch with our integration experts to schedule a demo session.