How to connect iSpring Learn to Albato

iSpring Learn: Automation for training software
iSpring Learn
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iSpring Learn is a one-stop platform that lets you create, manage, distribute, and track eLearning. 100% SCORM compliant cloud-based LMS.

Available triggers

Triggers are the events that trigger the automation, All triggers run in real time, i,e, data is transferred in the moment the event occurs

  • Successful completion of the course
  • New course assignment
  • Registering a new user
  • Training meeting added
  • Training meeting removed
  • The training meeting has been updated
  • Training session participants added
  • Training session participant removed

Available actions

Actions are what Albato performs when your automation is running, Actions also allow you to transfer data to other apps and systems

  • Update the user in iSpring Learn
  • Activating and Blocking a User
  • Add a department
  • Add a group
  • Replacing Group Users
  • Add a user to iSpring Learn
  • User Search in iSpring Learn

Before setting up integrations with iSpring Learn connect the app to Albato.

To do this, go to the Apps section and click the Add a connection button.


Select the app and click the Add a connection button.

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Come up with a name for your connection.

Enter your Account URL, Login and Password. Choose the Domain from the drop-down list.

Click the Continue button.

ISpring Learn (1).png

The connection is ready!

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iSpring Learn