How to connect RADAAR to Albato

RADAAR: Automate your scheduling tool
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RADAAR is a powerful social media management and automation platform designed for handling multiple social media profiles.

Available actions

Actions are what Albato performs when your automation is running, Actions also allow you to transfer data to other apps and systems

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The RADAAR connection is configured directly at the time of automation creation.

To do this, go to the Automation section and click the Create new automation button.

Example (5).png

Set up a trigger according to your needs.


Choose RADAAR as a receiving app. Click on the Add an action icon.

Radaar (1).png

Paste the RADAAR webhook URL into the Incoming Webhook Key field.

Radaar (2).png

How to get RADAAR webhook URL

Sign in to your RADAAR account. Go to the Publishing tab.

Radaar (3).png

Open the Utilities section.

Radaar (4).png

Choose the Workflows section.

Radaar (5).png

Choose your workflow and click on the Edit icon.

Radaar (6).png

Copy your RADAAR webhook URL.

Radaar (7).png

Paste the URL into the Albato Incoming Webhook Key field.

Fill in the remaining fields according to what you want to automate.

Radaar (8).png

Click the Save button.

The scenario is ready. To run it, click the Start button.