How to integrate iSpring Learn and PandaDoc

iSpring Learn and PandaDoc: From forms to learning
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The integration of iSpring Learn and PandaDoc brings training management and document communication into a powerful alliance.

Automate with Albato

Albato is a revolutionary no-code tool that enables you to streamline your workflow automation. With over 500 app integrations, Albato empowers you to create custom automations tailored to your business needs.

Follow these simple steps to get started

Sign in to your Albato account. Go to the Automation section and click the Create new automation button.

The first step is to set up the trigger:

  1. Choose PandaDoc
  2. Choose the Recipient completed
  3. Specify you PandaDoc connection.

You can connect your PandaDoc account to Albato by following these instructions if you haven't already done so.


Click the Add a trigger button.

The second step is to set up the iSpring Learn action:

  1. Choose iSpring Learn.
  2. Choose the Add a user to iSpring Learn.
  3. Specify your connection.

You can connect your iSpring Learn account to Albato by following these instructions if you haven't already done so.

Click the Add an action button.

ISring&PandaDoc (1).png

Map the fields for iSpring Learn and PandaDoc integration.

  1. Choose the department according to your needs.
  2. Generate a password for a new user by selecting a random number from the System Settings drop-down list.
  3. In the User role field choose the Learner option.
  4. In the An email is sent to the added user field choose YES to send an email to a new user with their data.

We recommend using the following example:

ISring&PandaDoc (2).png

Configure first name, last name, login, and email fields according to the PandaDoc recipient details.

Click the Save button.

ISring&PandaDoc (9).png

The integration scenario is ready! Click the Start button.

ISring&PandaDoc (4).png

How integration works

Go to your PandaDoc account. Open the Forms tab and choose the Modern Form template.

ISring&PandaDoc (5).png

Adjust the form to your specifications, publish and share it using a code or link.

ISring&PandaDoc (6).png

As submissions roll in, Albato effortlessly transfers the data to your iSpring Learn account.

ISring&PandaDoc (8).png

Embark on a journey of enhanced efficiency and seamless collaboration with the Albato integration of iSpring Learn and PandaDoc. Streamline your workflow and elevate your training and document communication experience.

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