How to Sign Up for Midjourney and Create Your First Image

How to Sign Up for Midjourney and Create Your First Image
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Midjourney is a powerhouse in the world of neural networks, transforming text descriptions into stunning images. Imagine bringing your wildest ideas to life—be it realistic portraits, vibrant illustrations, or sleek logos. You can even upload your own images to enhance and manipulate them, and yes, you can create a simple website prototype (though the text might be a bit quirky).

To dive into the magic of Midjourney, you'll need a Discord account, a platform that works much like a messenger. Exciting news from the developers: soon, you'll be able to craft images directly on the Midjourney website without needing Discord! But for now, let's get started by signing up for Discord.

How to Sign Up for Midjourney

Register an account on Discord by following this link. If you already have a Discord account, you can skip to the next step. Go to the Midjourney website by following this link. Click "Login" and then "Continue with Discord".


Access your Midjourney account. Now, choose a subscription plan by clicking on your profile name and selecting "Manage Subscription."

MDJ (1).png

Overview of Plans: Basic and Standard

MDJ (2).png

Basic Plan

Price: $10 per month


  • 200 minutes of image generation in FAST mode.
  • Midjourney takes about 1 minute to generate one image in FAST mode, allowing you to generate approximately 200 images (1:1 format, standard resolution). If you need images with higher detail or different formats (e.g., 3:4), the number of images you can generate will be lower.

Standard Plan

Price: $30 per month


  • 15 hours of image generation in FAST mode.
  • Unlimited image generation time in RELAXED mode. However, creating images in this mode may take several hours.

For starters, the Basic plan is likely suitable.

Below is a screenshot comparing all available plans for a more detailed understanding.

MDJ (3).png

  • Monthly Subscription Cost: The cost of the subscription with monthly payments.
  • Annual Subscription Cost: The cost of the subscription with an annual payment.
  • Fast GPU Time (in hours): Time for image generation in FAST mode (1 image ~ 1 minute).
  • Relax GPU Time: Time for image generation in RELAXED mode (generation time is unpredictable).
  • Purchase Extra GPU Time: Cost of an additional hour of image generation in FAST mode.
  • Work Solo In Your Direct Messages: The ability to create images in private messages with the Midjourney bot instead of a public channel with all other users.
  • Stealth Mode: By default, all created images are available on the official website. Stealth mode allows you to hide images from public access.
  • Maximum Concurrent Jobs: The maximum number of images you can send for generation simultaneously.
  • Rate Images to Earn Free GPU Time: The ability to earn extra generation time for free by rating images created by other users.
  • Usage Rights: All created images can be used at your discretion on all plans.

After selecting a plan click "Subscribe" on the chosen plan and make the payment.

Generating Your First Image in Midjourney

Return to Discord via this link and join the Midjourney server.

On the left side, you'll see a list of servers. Click on the white ship icon to navigate to the Midjourney server. There, you'll find various channels, including the "Getting Started" channel, which has all the basic information you need.

In channels named #newbies, you can send image generation requests to the Midjourney bot and see what others are creating in real time. It is usually more convenient to use these channels for inspiration and generate images in private messages with the bot. To go to private messages with the Midjourney bot, click the Discord icon in the top left corner and open the bot messages.

MDJ (4).png

Here’s how to start a conversation with the bot. First, press Accept TOS, and now you're ready to generate.


Communication with the bot happens through commands entered via a slash ("/").

Type /imagine in the message box, followed by your text prompt, then press Enter. You can enter any prompt you like; here’s an example we tried:

Code (1).png

Underneath every set of images you generate, you'll find eight buttons labeled U1, U2, U3, U4, V1, V2, V3, and V4.

U buttons: These buttons enhance the selected image, creating a larger version with more details if you're using a version of Midjourney prior to V5. The latest versions generate images at 1024 x 1024 pixels by default, so the U buttons simply isolate them for further editing and easier saving.

V buttons: These buttons create four new variations of the selected image, keeping the same style and composition.

All these buttons allow you to fine-tune and better control the kind of images Midjourney outputs. Here are some other commands you can use:

/imagine: The main command for sending an image generation request from a short description (prompt). /settings: Opens the settings window. /blend: To mix several images. /describe: Midjourney describes the generated image.

What Can You Generate with Midjourney?

Almost everything! Here are a few suggestions:

Similar Images: Sometimes you need to create an image similar to one you like. In this case, you can generate based on an image: upload an image as a reference and add a prompt with words.

Collages: For visual content, especially for social media, those are often needed. You can do this: based on the theme, find images of what you want, compile them on a white background, send them as a reference, add words to the prompt, and get different collage options.

Web Design Concepts: Midjourney is not yet good at generating logical UI, but it is great for creating references and defining style. You can also create a sample case with it.

Logo and Corporate Style: In Midjourney, you can generate logo and corporate style concepts—choose several options and show them to the client. If one is liked, finalize it in a photo editor and create a brand book.

We hope Midjourney becomes a great tool for you just as it is for us at Albato!