Format phone number

Format phone number
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Format phone number tool will be useful if you receive phone numbers from different sources in various formats. This tool will format phone numbers according to the setting.

How to add

Open the Automation section and add the tool between steps.


How to set up

Fill in the Source phone number and the Phone mask fields.

Select source number from the drop-down list of sending service. In our example it is phone number from Google Ads.

Convert the number using a mask — select the one you need from the list:

  • If you do not enter a country code in {{countryCode}}, the phone number will be transferred without the code. Masks work for any countries.
  • If you enter country code, all # characters will be replaced by phone number digits with the code according to the selected mask.

How to use

After configuring a tool, open the next step settings. In our example the next step is a CRM system.


Find the Phone field, and select Albato Formatted number value.

Ready! Now all numbers will be unified by selected mask. This tool can be added to any automations where you need to format phone numbers.