How to glue rows

How to glue rows
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Albato has a new tool that allows you to glue rows into one variable with separators between these rows. Let’s see how it works.

What is a row?

In a nutshell, Row is an array of objects, unlimited set of data within an entity.

For example, you have a CRM system that creates deals. These deals have items of goods. For instance, one deal comes to Albato, and it can have an unlimited number of goods: either zero or a hundred items. Each item has the same fields: name, quantity, cost, and so on. All these fields come in one array. Such item is called a Row, and together they are called Rows. The same goes for orders with items.

Since we never known in advance how much data will come in the array, we cannot transfer these items to usual fields. The matter is that the usual field expects one value. Accordingly, if the service sends such data in the Rows, then we can only send them to the service also expecting the Rows (the same array of objects).

For example, if we receive order with items from WooCommerce, we can create a deal in Bitrix24 with the same items, because WooCommerce sends Rows and Bitrix24 can receive Rows. In this example we can easily transfer any number of items.

Social networks expenses also come in Rows, since we cannot know in advance how many campaigns or ads we will receive. Each campaign has the same set of fields, therefore they should be transferred to the system which is ready to accept these Rows.

How tool helps

What should we do if we want to transfer Rows (oder items, deal items, all social network expenses) into one field? For example, to a system that doesn’t support items like Trello? Or send it by email? Or send a Telegram message about new WooCommerce order with its items?

We cannot use Rows variables for usual field now as it cannot transfer unlimited data. With this in view, Albato has the Rows gluing tool. It allows you to get any amount of data from an array and glue it together into one variable. This variable can be transferred to any field.

Select the delimiter character between Rows (i.e. between each item or campaign). The delimiter can be anything: just a space, a + character, or a regular line break.

Create the format of each Row by substituting the necessary variables with the text. For example:

«Name: Item1, Quantity: 5, Price: 300 + Name: Item2, Quantity: 3, Price: 100»

this data will become one variable and be placed in one field.

Tool use cases

  • Send WooCommerce order to Trello.
  • Transfer expenses from advertising accounts to email or Telegram.
  • Send deal items from one CRM system to another.
  • Transfer order from website to Telegram specifying its items.
  • Send request to YClients to find out the available date and time of a certain employee.

In general, the examples are not limited by WooCommerce, Trello, and ad expenses. There can be a lot of options, the tool is suitable for any websites or CRM systems that work with items.

How to set up

Let’s consider the example: you want to transfer WooCommerce order with items to Telegram.

Firstly, create an automation with Telegram and WooCommerce. Then open the Automation builder section and add the tool between steps.

2022-08-16_15-17-00 (2).png

Select the Rows gluing tool from the list:

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.04.23.png

Set a name for your variable into which the Rows will be glued:

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.05.48.png

Select the gluing range you need: glue all rows or only the first and the last one.

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.06.34.png

In the Delimiter field, enter the necessary characters to separate rows. You can put a space or click Enter to break the row. Or specify any character convenient for you, for example:

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.07.43.png

In this case, there will be a line break, then a dash, and another line break.

In the Format field, enter the text format you need by substituting variables. Don’t forget about spaces and line breaks.

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.08.19.png

Example of fields:

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.10.16.png

Then click Save button.

After setting up the tool, open the settings of the step — where you want to transfer the glued rows.

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.12.05.png

Select tool’s parameters from the list. Specify the name of the variable that you set in the settings of the tool.

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.12.57.png

Then create Telegram message text. Example:

Captura de Tela 2023-12-21 às 12.18.15.png

Click Save button.

Ready! Now you can start and test your automation.

You will receive Telegram message:

Group 311394 (2).png

The Rows gluing tool can also be used with other apps that send and receive rows. It is important to make sure that the field does not have a character limit.