Data Migration Mode

Data Migration Mode
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Albato has Data Migration feature that allows you to send data for a certain period. This feature may help, for example, to compare last month advertising efficiency with this month last year. Creating an automation, please notice that apps have different Ad leads storage time. This mode will also be useful at changing CRM system and transferring your business processes to another platform.

Connect the apps to Albato to use data migration. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Data Migration Mode with Facebook and Airtable connections.

How to set up

Step 1

Open the Automations tab, click the New button. Select Facebook as the app to send the data from, «Lead Ad» as an event, and specify your connection. Choose your page and form in the additional fields of setting. Click the Continue button. Please note that his mode works for API actions.

Step 2

Put a check near the Data Migration mode, then specify the period. The data type depends on the API of a particular app. In this automation we will send data for a certain period, but in other cases all account data sending is available.


When we send all account data, there is no need to set up a period. When we send data by period, we need to set up days.

Step 3

We have set up the data migration period, now we need to set up the app to receive Ad leads. We will use Airtable. Select «New record» as an action. Enter your connection.

In the additional fields specify the base and the table to receive leads and make a search.

Step 4

Now we need to match the fields. As an example, we select «Creation date and time» in the first field to track certain period. In the Name field, select the values from Facebook:

Step 5

Set up the duplicates search. For example, let’s select «Do not check for duplicates, always create a new record».

Now the automation is ready. You can start it.

Here you can find a menu for switching between «real-time» and «data migration» modes. You can change the mode without creating a new automation.


Please note that automations with the data migration mode are marked with a special sign: