How to connect WooCommerce to Albato

WooCommerce: Ecommerce process automation
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WooCommerce is the open-source e-commerce platform that helps merchants and developers build successful businesses for the long term. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

Available triggers

Triggers are the events that trigger the automation, All triggers run in real time, i,e, data is transferred in the moment the event occurs

  • New order
  • The order is changed
  • New coupon
  • Сoupon updated
  • New customer
  • Customer updated

Available actions

Actions are what Albato performs when your automation is running, Actions also allow you to transfer data to other apps and systems

  • Create product tag
  • Update product tag
  • Delete product tag
  • Add a product category
  • Update a product category
  • Delete a product category
  • Create a product
  • Retrieve a product
  • Search product tag
  • Get product category
  • Update product data
  • Create a product attribute
  • Retrieve a product attribute
  • Update a product attribute
  • Delete product attribute

Before setting up integrations with WooCommerce connect the app to Albato.

To do this, go to the Apps section and click the Add a connection button.


Select the app and click the Add a connection button.


Come up with a name for your connection.

Enter your WordPress store domain after "https://" and before the first slash "/".

Click the Continue button.

WooCommerce (1).png

Grant Albato access in the pop-up window.

The connection is ready!