Streamline Your Schedule: 4 Easy Automations with Google Calendar

Streamline Your Schedule
Google Calendar
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In today's fast-paced world, staying on top of events and notifications can be a real challenge. That's why we're here with four easy automation examples using Google Calendar to help you effortlessly keep track of your meetings and seamlessly transfer data to other apps. Whether you meticulously plan important events or find yourself constantly checking messaging apps for updates, this article will explore simple yet powerful automations that enhance your scheduling experience and keep you connected.

Get notified on WhatsApp when an event is created

With just two simple steps, you can receive a notification on WhatsApp as soon as a new event is created on your Google Calendar, ensures that you stay informed. Frame 2066.png

And you can achieve similar automation with other messaging platforms like Telegram or E-mail. Frame 2067.png

Note: WhatsApp Business offers two types of messages — session and templates. To determine which option suits your case, check out the official information from Meta.

Save meeting details in your preferred platform

Keeping track of meeting details is essential for smooth coordination. With this automation, you can seamlessly save all the relevant information about your meetings in popular platforms like Google Sheets, Notion, or Airtable. This way, you have easy access to your meeting notes, attendees, and any additional details that help you stay organized and efficient.

Frame 2068.png

Link meeting details to your CRM system

Building strong customer relationships is a priority for any business. By automating the transfer of meeting details to your CRM system, you can link them to specific contacts or deals. This integration ensures your team has all the necessary information, whether you use HubSpot, Salesforce, or any other CRM. Frame 2069.png

Update meeting details across platforms

Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to meeting schedules. Instead of manually updating multiple platforms, automate the process to save time and avoid confusion. For instance, if there's a change in meeting time or the event is cancelled, you can set up an automation that automatically updates the CRM system, sends a notification to Slack, or performs any other relevant action.

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With these four easy automations, you can supercharge your scheduling capabilities and maximize your productivity. Whether it's receiving instant notifications on WhatsApp, saving meeting details in your preferred platform, linking to your CRM system, or updating information across multiple platforms!

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