How to connect Acadle to Albato

How to connect Acadle to Albato
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Acadle is a comprehensive learning management software that allows you to create, customize, and launch white-labeled academies.

Albato lets you connect your Acadle account with hundreds of the most popular apps - no code required! You can automate your daily tasks and have more time to work on other things.

Open the Apps section, click the Add a connection button.


Select the app from the drop-down list or use the search bar.

Click the Add a connection button.


Set the name for your connection.

Paste your Access token and your Domain.


How to get token

Sign in to your Acadle account. Go to the Admin section, open the Integrations tab and select the API option.

Copy the API key.

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Paste the token into the Albato connection field and click the Continue button.

How to set up webhook

In the Albato Apps section find your Acadle connection. Copy the Albato webhook URL.

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Go to your Acadle account, find the Admin section, open the Integrations tab and select the Webhooks option.

Paste your Albato webhook URL and choose an event for trigger.


The connection is ready! You can use it in your automation scenarios.

Integration options

Available triggers:

  • Group created
  • User registered
  • Group deleted
  • Course completed
  • User lesson completed
  • User badge updated
  • User certificate issued

Available action:

  • Create a group
  • Invite a user
  • Add groups to a user
  • Update user status
  • Update a group
  • Get completed courses list for a user