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In this article we consider the example of automation with Google Drive. Let's suppose we need to upload a file to Google Drive, update the file's metadata (e.g., title), and add a comment to the file.

Go to the Automations section and click the New button.

How to add Google Drive

Click on the Event filed and fill in the tab according to the sample on the screenshot.

  • App - AlbatoTest
  • Event - Test event
  • Click the Add a trigger button.


Then add an action and fill in the tab as shown on the screenshot.

  • App - HTTP Request/Outgoing webhook
  • Action - Get file by URL
  • Here you need to create a new connection and enter URL, where the file you want to download is located.
  • Click the Add an action button.


In this window, duplicate the link to the file.


In the Automation Builder, click on the + icon and select the Action value.

2022-12-21_14-59-16 (2).png

Next, select an App - Google Drive, Action - Add File, and click the Add an action button.


In the File field choose the File from Step 2 of the HTTP Request/Outgoing webhook.

Set a name for your file.

Click the Save button.


Add the next step to the automation to update the file's metadata.

App - Google Drive, Action - Change file metadata by ID. Click the Add an action button.


In The ID of the file field, select File ID From step 3 (Google Drive).


Enter the name of the file in The Name of the File field. You can also add a short description.


Let's add the last action that will leave a comment on the file. Click on the + icon in the Automation Builder. Fill it in: App - Google Drive, Action - Create a New Comment on a File. Click the Add an action button.


In The ID of the File field, select The ID of the file from step 4 (Google Drive).


In the plain text content of the Comment field, enter the text of the comment you want to add to the file.

Click the Save button.


The completed automation will look like this. Don't forget to start it.


As the result of the automation, the file located at the specified URL, will be uploaded to Google Drive with the new name and comment.


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