Discover Albato Solutions and find out how it can contribute to your business

Albato Solutions: what they are and how they can contribute to your business
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Recently, Albato launched an exclusive feature for platform users: Automation Solutions.

With the new functionality, you will be able to use groups of ready-made templates with editable scenarios, create custom use cases and share with other users.

Learn more about the Solutions and see how they can contribute to different business segments!

How to use Solutions?

  • Access our ready-made templates in the Marketplace area.
  • Install the desired use case.
  • Select the scenarios that suit your needs and/or add your own scenario.
  • Make further edits to installed Solutions.
  • Create Custom Solutions in the Solution Builder section.
  • Share with other users in the Publishing tab.

To check out detailed step-by-step instructions, access our tutorials on installing and creating new Solutions.

How can Solutions contribute to different businesses?


Companies in the e-commerce segment can benefit from the Solutions by creating use cases that cover the stages of the sales process.

Flows can be structured for service through bots, making payments with specialized services and delivery logistics to different locations.

Once the configuration is done, it is possible to replicate it with just a few clicks.


In the case of agencies, it is possible to create automations for optimizing campaigns, managing leads and issuing reports. The Solutions can be applied to different customers, with scenario adjustments according to use cases.

Thus, it is possible to boost not only the agency's performance, but also the entire ecosystem managed by it.

Mentors, influencers and experts

Mentors, influencers and experts can create templates and share them with their students or clients to facilitate the implementation of different use cases. The resource is also helpful for Albato partners who provide customized services to users.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Albato Solutions right now and boost your results!