How to use Get an element of a row section (array) tool

Albato: Get an element of a row section tool
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This tool allows you to receive one element of a row section, based on the given condition.

How to use the tool

Let's say, you need to find only one item in the customer's cart by quantity and assign it to a certain manager who is responsible for wholesales.

First, set up an integration with the apps you need. Then add a tool between steps. To do this, click on the + icon.

ERS 1.png

Select a row section from the list in which we will search for the element:

ERS 2.png

After selecting the list, we proceed to setting the conditions for searching for an element:

ERS 3.png

Select an action when your data matches the conditions.

Save the condition.

ERS 4.png

In our case, we will transfer orders with goods, the number of which is more than 100, to the Telegram group for the wholesale department.

We pass the ID and the Date of creating the order from the Store. In the tool’s settings we choose Name, Description.

ERS 5.png

Save the settings.

Don't forget to run the automation!