How to use Split string into elements of a row section tool

Albato: Split string into elements of a row section tool
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In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how this tool works.

Like other Albato tools, it is added between steps of an automation. To do this, click on the "+" and select the tool from the list.


The tool has two required fields:

  • String to split - specify a field from the previous steps to split.
  • Delimiter - specify a symbol to divide the string into elements. Any symbol/set of symbols can be used as a delimiter.


As a result of the tool, a user receives a row section - "Split elements" - in the next step of the automation.

This section has one field that contains these elements.

We will show you how this tool works below:

we receive a string with multiple values

string = “name1;name2;name3”; 

we display the result as three strings in one section.

{result: ‘name1’},
{result: ‘name2’},
{result: ‘name3’},

How the result of the tool will look:


All ";" symbols will divide the incoming string into the elements of a row section.

In the example of spreadsheets, the result will be either three lines in one cell or three rows separately.