How to use Get an element from an array tool

Albato: Get an element from an array tool
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The Get an element from an array tool is a handy feature that lets you get a specific element from an array by its position number. You can easily select the element you want to receive by indicating its position number. Element numbering starts from 1.

Let's say you have a list of items in an order, such as "Hat", "T-shirt", "Shorts". But you only need to pass one item to your CRM system. With this tool, you can indicate the position of the item you need to receive. For example, if you want to get the second item in the list, indicate the position number (2), and Albato will pass only "T-shirt" from the entire list.

If you enter a number in the Position field that is outside the number of elements in the list (e.g., there are three elements in the list, but you enter 0, -1, or 5), an error will occur in the tool step log with the message "The entered number does not match the number of elements in the array".

Here's an example of the automation with the Get an element from an array tool

The automation will receive data from Trello card and pass it to HubSpot, where users and their order for the first item in the card will be created.

Make sure that Trello and HubSpot are connected to Albato.

To get started, click the New button. Set up the first step.

Choose a source app, specify a trigger, add your connection.


Add the tool before the next step of your automation. To do this, click on the "+" and select the necessary tool from the list.


Next fill in the fields.


Add and set up the next step of your scenario - action.

Choose an app, specify an action, add your connection.


We'll pass the first element. You can select any element from the list that you need.


Your automation is ready! Don't forget to run it.