Duda expands their integration ecosystem with Albato Embedded

Duda expands their integration ecosystem with Albato Embedded
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Albato and Duda (a US-based #1 website builder for marketing agencies and SaaS platforms) have partnered to deliver top-notch integrations for Duda’s customers. Here’s the post on the official Duda blog.

With Albato Embedded under the hood, Duda’s marketing agencies can now integrate their customers’ Duda-powered websites with HubSpot, MailChimp, and other apps. In the next few weeks, several new integrations will be enabled: Facebook Conversions API, Salesforce, Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, RD Station, Slack, and Zoho.

Albato integrations can be set up directly from the Duda dashboard with just a few clicks—no need to switch from Duda or create extra accounts to use the integrations.

Here’s what the integration UI looks like inside the Duda dashboard:

Albato_Duda_Case Study_Integration UI.gif

Site owners, in turn, can act on every new lead or form submission coming from their websites without delay, as leads and customer contacts will be instantly synced to their CRMs and ESPs. Thus, integrated Duda sites will become even more powerful sales engines connected to the Duda customers’ tech stack out of the box.

For instance, by using data from website purchases and form submissions, they can offer their clients robust email marketing services. They can also use the integration data to upsell retargeting ads, perhaps reminding one-time buyers to return for additional purchases with a coupon.

Duda’s agencies, in turn, can now bundle the new service of integrated sites into their offerings and upsell it to their customers, boosting value and retention. Each integration comes with free and paid plans, differing by transaction limits.

Here’s what the pricing for the Albato integrations looks like:

Albato_Duda_Case Study_Pricing.png

To ensure great UX, each Albato integration comes with a set of prebuilt scenarios (templates) that can be easily turned on and off. That said, all integration scenarios are highly customizable and can be deeply configured, allowing for the optimum blend of ease of use and flexibility.

The following use cases were implemented:

Albato_Duda_Case Study_Use Cases.png

Here’s what the HubSpot integration looks like within the Duda dashboard:

Albato_Duda_Case Study_HubSpot Integration.png

Customers can even build their own scenarios from scratch.

Albato_Duda_Case Study_Custom Scenarios.gif

All Albato integrations can be installed in two clicks directly from the Duda dashboard (the App Store section):

Albato_Duda_Case Study_App Store.png

If you want to get more insights on this case study and achieve similar results, visit the Albato Embedded page or get in touch with our integration experts to schedule a demo session.