How to connect Hexowatch to Albato

Hexowatch: Automate your website change detection
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Hexowatch is your AI sidekick for archiving and monitoring any website. It can spot changes in visuals, content, prices, sources, technology, availability, or WHOIS information.

Available Actions:

Actions are what Albato performs when your automation is running. Actions also allow you to transfer data to other apps and systems.

  • Create Technology monitoring
  • Custom API request

Before setting up integrations with Hexowatch connect the app to Albato.

To do this, go to the Apps section and click the Add a connection button.


Select the app and click the Add a connection button.


Come up with a name for your connection.

Paste your API key and click the Continue button.

HW (1).png

How to get API key

Sing in to your Hexowatch account. Go to the Setting tab → API/Webhook section.

HW (2).png

Copy your API key.

HW (3).png

Paste the key into the Albato connection field. Click the Continue button.

HW (4).png

The connection is ready!